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Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2: Will The Anime Return? Release Details

Back in 2019, the much-awaited anime adaptation of Choukadou Girl 1/6 hit the screens. The fans had really high hopes for this show. However, it turned out to be the exact opposite of what they expected it to be. Still, the loyal fan following of the series is demanding Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2 in the hope that it might get better in the second season. So, will the production studio renew the series even after the poor reception? Here are all the latest details. 

Over Drive Girl 1/6, also known as Choukadou Girl 1/6, is a Japanese romance comedy anime TV series. It is the remake of Oyster’s manga series of the same name. Studio A-Cat produced the inaugural installment of the anime, which ran for a total of twelve episodes. The fans saw its premiere episode on April 6, 2019, whereas its season finale came out on June 22 of the same year. 

Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2

Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2: Renewal Status

The debut installment of the anime crushed all the expectations of the manga’s fans. It did receive a positive response from some of the viewers who thought it was a good light-hearted show. But the majority of the audience was disappointed with the anime adaptation. Well, the anime turned into a generic harem series from a romantic comedy pretty quickly and hence received a mixed or negative response. Choukadou Girl has a poor score of 5.98 on MyAnimeList and only has 14K members in its group.

Hence, this clearly indicates that neither the reception nor the popularity of the series is good. Besides, its first season consumed most of the content from all four volumes of the manga. As a result, now the production studio doesn’t have enough content to create Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2. So, the makers won’t renew the series even if they have enough content due to its poor critical reception. 

Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2

What’s The Show About?

The story of Over Drive Girl 1/6 revolves around a guy named Bouida Haruto. He is a hardcore otaku and has no interest in the girls from the real three-dimensional life. One day, he finds out that the bishoujo figure of her favorite character Nona from an anime titled “Girls→Planetary Investigation” came out, he rushed to buy it. Nona was supposed to be a figure, but somehow it came to life and started moving. This begins the real story of the series as the couple-like life of Bouida begins with the figure of Nona. 

Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2

Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2: Release Date

As previously mentioned, the probability of this romantic comedy anime series returning is almost zero. Now, only a miracle can save this show from being canceled. If this miracle happens, then Over Drive Girl 1/6 Season 2 might hit the screens by the end of 2022. We will update this section when any updates about the anime’s return come out.