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Overgeared Chapter 100: Did Greed Win? Plot & Release Date

This week, the Overgeared manhwa will successfully cross the hundred-chapter mark. It has been more than two years that the manga has been producing consistent chapters. Now, Overgeared Chapter 100 has something epic stored in for the fans. So, in the previous episode, Greed entered the PVP tournament with a cat. The small creature is to compete against giant dragon pets of other champions. Can Greed win this one? Here is all you need to know about the next outing of Overgeared.

The upcoming chapter of Overgeared will delve into the consequences of Greed’s victory at the Satisfy International Competition. The player had single-handedly managed to bring his team to the second position. Now, a chain of interviews and media gigs will come for Greed after the successful venture at the competition.

Overgeared Chapter 100

Overgeared Chapter 100: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Overgeared will look into the aftermath of the Satisfy International Competition. Even though Greed decided not to join the tournament, he still ended up participating in the matches for the sake of his guild. As a result of his contributions, the Korean team secured second position in the competition. Now, the next chapter will look into the celebrations of this unexpected victory. Jishuka and Yura will join Greed as they commemorate the victory.

In fact, fans can also expect the much-awaited harem that the makers keep talking about. Later on, Greed will take the winner’s medal back home. At Baren, the common people will welcome the champions with warm regards. In Overgeared Chapter 100, Jishuka and Yura will also be honored with tokens from the civilians. Moreover, Greed will end up getting all the attention for being the mysterious Pagma’s successor.

Overgeared Chapter 100

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 99th chapter of the Overgeared manga, Greed was annoyed to see the demonic cat that he brought to the competition. He told Jishuka that he could not think of a better pet than Memphis (demonic creatures). However, before he could do anything, the Pet Marathon began, and all the Wyverns rushed to the peak of the Chingsu Mountain. Only Greed’s cat Noe and Zibal’s dragon did not fly. As Greed struggled to make Noe fly, Zibal waited in patience. But as soon as Noe placed eyes on Zibal’s wyvern, it rushed to devour the dragon.

While it certainly could not eat the monster, it slowed the dragon down. Later as Noe joined the race, it was attacked by other pets in the marathon. As a result, the demonic cat goy enraged and took down all the three dragons at once. Later, she rushed to the mountain top and secured the first position in the Pet Marathon. The chapter ended with the declaration of the winners of the Satisfy International Competition. The US won the tournament with a large margin, with Korea in the second position. France and Canada followed the trail.

Overgeared Chapter 100

Overgeared Chapter 100: Release Date

The hundredth chapter of Overgeared is going to be a commemoratory edition. Not only because it’s the huge sweep, but also because Greed has won the Satisfy International Competiton with a large margin. So, Overgeared Chapter 100 will release this Wednesday on October 6, 2021. Readers can find the chapter only on the official website of Kakaopage. Stay tuned for more updates.

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