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Overgeared Chapter 85: Greed Vs Niberius! Release Date & Updates

Every Wednesday, fans desperately wait to witness new chapters from their favorite manhua, Overgeared. Now, Overgeared Chapter 85 is finally around the corner. Park Saenal’s multilingual manhua series is insanely popular around the world. And this week, fans are witnessing one of the most anticipated battles of Greed. After leveling up his gear, Greed will be on the battlefield for the first time. Now, it will be interesting to see how this will help him in combat.


Before the raw scans can come out, we are here to entertain the possibilities of the upcoming events. How will the fight between Greed and Niberius unfold? Will Greeds armor prove to be of any help? Here is everything that you must know about Overgeared Chapter 85.

Overgeared Chapter 85: What Will Happen Next?

For now, the raw scans and rough drafts of Overgeared are not out just yet. However, there are some pretty solid fan theories that are roaming around the internet. Well, in the next chapter, the possibilities of Greed getting involved in a harem are very high. However, someone else is also about to acquire the same situation. The name is yet to come out, but it is certain that Greed is about to get competition. Since Greed has realized that his powers have increased after the Malacus Raid, he is much more confident about becoming the harem lord.

Overgeared Chapter 85

On the other hand, Niberius and Greed are still in the midst of an intense battle. While the sorcerer has unique orbs to strike on our hero, Greed on has his armor. Niberius repeatedly mocks his opponent for the lack of skill. But Greed is reluctant to show him the power of his armor. So let’s find out what will win Overgeared Chapter 85, magic or gear.


Previous Episode Recap!

The previous episode began one of the most gruesome battles between Niberius and Greed. At first, we see that the old man is dominating the battle with his experience and apprentice. However, Greed recognizes his moves and charges the new moves upon him. The protagonist does have new armor and weapon set with him. But he does not know how to use them fully. Thus, we see him struggling to understand his gear. As the battle continues, Niberius manages to survive every attack. Let’s see how this epic fight will conclude after all.

Overgeared Chapter 85

Overgeared Chapter 85: Release Date

The next installment of this popular isekai manhua series is all set to step foot very soon. Hence, Overgeared will officially release on June 25, 2021. Moreover, the raw scans from Reaper will be out by June 23. So, be prepared to witness another grandiose this week. You can read all the latest chapters of Overgeared on


Are you excited about Overgeared Chapter 85? What are your thoughts about the upcoming series of events? Please share your fan theories with us in the comment section below. For more latest updates on popular manhua, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.