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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Vegeta Against Granola! Release Date

It is finally time that we start building theories about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74. The 73rd chapter of the popular manga series just came out this weekend. Hence, fans are currently brimming with both shock and excitement. After witnessing the previous chapter, ‘Goku Vs. Granola,’ it is clear that this battle is here to stay. And for now, there are many editions to go before we can expect a peaceful conclusion.


The previous chapter of DBS saw Goku in an unimaginable fate. The fight between Granola and Goku was nothing like we expected. To the viewers’ surprise, the villain took down Goku without even bending a toe. Now, Goku is lying on the sidelines with Vegeta on the forefront. What will happen forfeit? Here is everything to know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: What’s Coming Next?

As the previous chapter foreshadows, Vegeta and Granola are finally up against each other. After the villain takes down Goku by cloning himself, Vegeta steps in and saves Goku’s life. As a result, Granola decides to take down the Prince first. Moreover, we can once again expect Vegeta to acquire the Rage Super Saiyan form that is unique only to him. Even the Perfected Ultra Instinct of Goku could not even put a scratch over Granola.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

It will be interesting to watch how Vegeta will tackle the clone Granola in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74. The chances of a gruesome battle are even high if Granola decides to pair both his forms against Vegeta. Hence, the only advantage Vegeta has over both Goku and Granola is that he is fresh in the fight while both of them have exhausted most of their moves. Let’s see what the Prince of Planet Vegeta will do in the face of the most robust villain of all time.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The previous chapter of DBS saw Goku and Granola in one of the most intense and lethal battles of all time. As expected, Goku finally acquires his Ultra instinct state after years of training. Now, Goku is functioning under the combination of Super Saiyan Blue and the Ultra Instinct State. Besides, Vegeta knows the truth behind the destruction of Planet Cereal. It was Freeza, along with other Saiyans, who massacred Granola’s home. Thus, Goku and Vegeta try to communicate the truth to their opponent. However, Granola is reluctant to kill them both.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

As the battle continues, Vegeta realizes that Granola’s power quotient is acting odd. Hence, the villain himself confesses that he has used the dragon balls to gain more strength. Moreover, he reveals that both the Saiyans are fighting a shadow of the real Granola. The real one is waiting to destroy Freeza. Right after this confrontation, real Granola hits Goku from behind, which injures him. Now, its time for Vegeta to step up and fight the strongest villain alive.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Release Date

Now that the 73rd edition is finally out after a month full of anticipation, we must settle the hype because the next chapter is not nearby. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will release on Viz Media on July 20, 2021. You can also read the popular manga in Shueisha’s manga and various other digital platforms. Moreover, we can expect to get the rough drafts two-three days prior to the manga release.


Are you excited about the 74th chapter of Dragon Ball Super? What do you think will be the fate of Vegeta after this fight? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more latest news flashes on popular manga like DBS, keep visiting The Anime Daily.