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Looking for all Pokemon Series Ranked from worst to best? Then you have come to the right place. Let us take you on a trip down memory lane today. This might make you feel old, as it has been more than two decades since the first episode of Pokemon aired on television. Well, everything has been digitized and is available on the internet. Hence, it’s really hard to find the nostalgia in experiencing a show on a small television box.

There have been many Pokemon series over the years. The show rebooted its versions by changing the locations and characters from time to time. However, what never changed was the original theme of the show. So today, let take a look at all the series that ever came out in Pokemon. Ranked on the basis of worst to best, here is a list of all the Pokemon Series Ranked.

8. Ruby And Saphire Series

On the eighth spot of our list is the Ruby And Saphire Series. This one is based on the third Generation of Pokemons. Ruby and Saphire went through a number of changes initially. The biggest of them all was the entry of Max and May as Ash’s companions. Moreover, the entry of our heroes in the Hoenn region was like a breath of fresh air. The tournaments there had some of the best battles in the Pokemon saga. Hence, this series still has some of the most memorable episodes of the franchise.

Ruby and Sapphire Series

7. Journeys Series

This was the time around when the show was about to enter Generation 8. What keeps this series on the lower spot of our list is the fact that this one did not feel like a Pokemon series at all. The only relief factors were the exploration of the Galor region and new Pokemon. The rest was nothing but filler and dull content. In fact, it feels like the makers decided to create an entirely different show. Well, they could’ve forgotten about the large plethora of audiences who watched and loved the show.

Pokemon Series Ranked

6. Diamond and Pearl Series

The Diamond and Pearl series is simply brilliant in the list of the best-ranked Pokemon series. The series is the third installment in the Pokemon saga. Besides, the Diamond and Pearl series is still one of the most revisited shows of all time. Ash and friends are in the Sinnoh region, where most of their adventures take place. The episodes follow the storyline of Generation 4 of Pokemon. In fact, this is essentially the place where Ash befriended Brock for the first time.

Diamond and Pearl Series

5. Black/White Series

On the fifth spot is one of the most polarized series of Pokemon, Black/White Series. The only good factor about this experimental series was that it was better than the Journeys series. The Black/White Series is based in a New York setup which was essentially very contrasting to the classic Pokemon setups. Even fans call the series among one of the most forgettable ones. Bet on remembering the names of any of the side characters, and you’ll know the reason behind the utter disappointment.

Pokemon Series Ranked

4. Sun And Moon Series

Another beautiful series that mesmerized fans was the 2016 saga. The Sun and Moon series is set in the Hawaiian islands. Ash, Pikachu, and his Mom are traveling through the new place to collect more badges. However, the only drawback of the Sun And Moon Series was its experimental animation. Fans were very upset about the significant changes in the character design of Ash. If only the makers had remained loyal to the original designs, this series would have gained a higher spot. Overall, this one had a good and engaging storyline.

Pokemon Series Ranked

3. Johto Series

Many fans will want to see this one up higher in the list. But there are series that beat even this beautiful saga. Ash and friends are in the Johto region as they compete for the Johto League competition to gain more badges. The Johto series has its share of ups and downs. Like the entry of new Pokemons leaves a mark, but the show fails entirely to display a powerful storyline. Hence, this series gets a relatively lower spot in our Pokemon series ranked list than it deserves.

Pokemon Series Ranked

2. XY Series

As we enter the top 3, there is no space for a mediocre contender. On the second spot is the XY Series. The biggest contributing factor to the popularity of this series is the addition of new Pokemons from Generation 6. We met many new Pokemons and friends on the way. Ash and his friends are competing in the Kalos region this time. Because of its massive popularity, XY also became the longest-running series of Pokemon.

XY Series

1. Indigo League Series

On the first spot is the only deserving series, The Indigo League Series. Even the themes of the show were beautifully laid out. Friendship, hard work, companionship, along with neverending triumph were the working themes of this series. The storyline of this version of the show will be stamped in all our hearts forever. Many fans still consider this one the best Pokemon series ever. Getting introduced to the characters who we are going to love forever was a different experience altogether.

Pokemon Series Ranked

So, we have finally reached the conclusion of this list of Pokemon Series Ranked. Which is your favorite version of Pokemon? Do you prefer the classic Indigo League series? Or do you like the newer versions of the anime? Do share your opinions with us in the comment section. Also, be sure to visit our website for more cool stuff.

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