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Police In A Pod Anime: Trailer & Release Date Out! Plot Details & More

The Police In A Pod Anime has been in high demand lately, and fans can’t wait for it to hit the screens. It looks like all the prayers, begs, and demands have been heard this time. That’s right, the popular crime drama manga by Miko Yasu is finally getting an anime adaptation by Madhouse Production Company. In the midst of an ongoing television series, Kodakawa has come up with the best announcement of the year.

The announcement also includes probable plot details and casting updates on the anime adaptation of the 2017 manga. The makers also revealed a tentative release date for the anime adaptation through a trailer clip. So, without any further ado, here is all that you must know about the upcoming anime adaptation.

Police In A Pod Anime: Plot Details & New Trailer

According to an official synopsis, the story of Police In A Pod follows a young police recruit Kawai who is finding the police life much tiring than she ever expected. The story starts at the helm of Kawai deciding to quit her entire career as a police officer. But the course of events changes when a new lady officer joins her department. The two then go out on a life-changing mission.

The fascinating and adventurous story of Kawai makes up for the plot Police In A Pod Anime. The first season is likely to introduce the world and characters to us. The further arcs of the manga will appear much later in the anime adaptation. The incredible trailer animated by Madhouse also gives a brief introduction to Kawai and her troublesome life. Check out the new trailer right here:

Cast And Crew!

For now, Kodakawa has only come up with two names from the cast of the anime adaptation. These two members include Shion Wakayama as Mai Kawai and Yui Ishikawa as Seiko Fuji. The further names will be revealed as the time of the release comes closers. Besides the team, the staff member of Police In A Pod Anime includes Yuzo Sato as the director of the upcoming anime. Moreover, Yasu is credited as the original creator of the anime, while Ryunosuke is looking after the scriptwriting department. Lastly, the credit for the character designs is in Kei Tsuchiya’s name.

Police In A Pod Anime: Release Date

The official trailer and announcement by Kodakawa only reveal a tentative schedule for the anime. A solid release date is yet to be announced by the makers. For now, the trailer suggests that Police In A Pod Anime will find a released date in 2022. Since the trailer of the anime adaptation is out, this means that the project is almost done with the animation work. Hence, Winter 2022 is the speculative date that is buzzing around on the internet. We will update you as soon as a definite release date is out in the public domain.

Are you excited about Police In A Pod Anime? What are your thoughts about the trailer of the anime adaptation? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. Lastly, for more latest news updates, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.