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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217: Is Senju Dying? Release Date & Plot

As more and more chapters of Tokyo Revengers are coming out, its story is getting entangled and intertwined. The last chapter before Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 came in as a big shock to many fans as it reveals a heart-breaking vision. Takemichi gets a strange picture of Senju Kawaragi dying. The leader of the Brahman gang has only appeared in the scene in the last chapter. Her entry as the young female leader of the Brahman gang was a big shock to many fans.

Well, there are chances that Takemichi would alter the course of events by traveling in time and saving Senju. But the doubts on this vision are too high to be trusted. So, what will Takemichi do next? Will the Brahman meeting reveal any new secrets? Here is all that you need to know about the newest chapter of the Tokyo Revengers Manga!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217: Plot Details

The raw scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 are not out just yet. It is typical of the manga author not to reveal too much about the upcoming chapters. Nonetheless, the new chapter of the thriller manga will deal with the visions that Takemichi has in the previous one. Being a part of the Brahman gang now, Takemichi is likely to join a meeting with the member. Thus, fans can expect to learn more about the functioning of the gang from the inside.

Furthermore, the mystery behind Senju’s death will also play a major role in the new chapter. If not in the next one, the following chapter after Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 will definitely deal with Senju’s death. This is because none of Takemichi’s visions have gone wrong. Let’s see what the upcoming chapters have in store for us!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217
Source: Kodansha

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 216th chapter of Tokyo Revengers reveals the identity of the senior member of the Brahman gang. Much to the surprise of everyone, the leader is a female. We also see that Takemichi is struggling to find the meaning of his visions. One of the major visions that he is especially worried about is the death of Senju. Well, he believes that if he chooses to keep his promise, Senju might have to meet death. Besides, Senju is not currently aware of this premonition.

The biggest takeaway from the chapter was the fact that Takemichi finally infiltrates the Brahman gang by joining them. The next chapter will now deal with the aftermath of Takemichi’s visions.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217
Source: Kodansha

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217: Release Date

As usual, Wednesday is the day when you can find the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers on your screens. So, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 is all set to release on August 4, 2021. You can read all the latest chapters of the popular manga on the official website of Kodansha Comics. You can also read the chapter in paperback by getting the latest copies of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen. So, buckle up to witness the ultimate fate of Senju in the next one.

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