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Overgeared Chapter 91: Greed The Mining Addict! Release Date & Plot

Wednesday is here, and so is Overgeared Chapter 91. With only two days to go for the newest chapter of Reaper’s manhwa, the anticipation is brewing at a high rate. The last chapter leaves the story with Greed and Skull in the midst of an unbalanced fight. We see that Greed struggles to internally convince himself that he is worthy enough to be called the Muller.

But the new chapter comes as a ray of hope as Greed is back in form, and he knows exactly what to do with the mineral that Skull wants to steal. So, from plot details to recap to release date, we have it all covered for you. Thus, without any further ado, here is all that you need to know about the forthcoming chapter.

Overgeared Chapter 91

Overgeared Chapter 91: Plot Details

The title and rough drafts of Overgeared Chapter 91 are yet to be out. But even before that, there are enough plot details that we can consider before the chapter is out. The next chapter of Overgeared is likely to deal with the conclusion of the fight between Skull and Greed. Moreover, the chapter might also truly dive into the international competition. The idea of mining away the gem does seem a little off at first.

But in Overgeared Chapter 91, the story will disclose how taking out the mineral will help Greed in destroying the heat-resistant power of Skull. Moreover, fans can also expect an epic final move that will put an end to the battle. So, buckle up for a journey that will be full of high-end action.

Overgeared Chapter 91

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 90th chapter of Overgeared was titled “Mining Addict.” The chapter deals with the first day of the Satisfy International competition. After the events of the Boss Raid, Canada, the USA, and France have been established as the Big Three in the games. Now, it is time for Korea to buckle up its game. The chapter then cuts to the ongoing battle between Skull and Greed. With the help of sheer cunning, Greed and his companion are successfully able to take out the mineral and save it from Skull.

The chapter also takes us to Bairan Castle, where the authorities are discussing Greed’s decision to mine all of the minerals. Cut to the present scene, the chapter comes to an end with the fate of the battle still unknown. Skull is still standing strong without acquiring the gems. And Greed has something else in his mind altogether. Let’s see what Overgeared Chapter 91 has in store for us.

Overgeared Chapter 91

Overgeared Chapter 91: Release Date

The newest edition of Reaper’s popular manhua is not far away anymore. As usual, fans will find the new chapter on their screens this Wednesday only on Kakaopage’s official website. So, Overgeared Chapter 91 is releasing on August 4, 2021. The English translation version is usually available a day after the Korean release. Do keep up with all the details of the International Games as soon as Greed comes out victorious after beating down Skull.

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