Record of Ragnarok Anime Unlisted On Netflix India! Find Out Why!

Exactly one day after Record of Ragnarok began airing on Netflix, the streamer had to take a step back in Indian territories. That’s right! The Indian audiences cannot enjoy the popular Studio Graphinica anime on Netflix anymore. The controversy began due to the depiction of a mythological God that is of religious importance in India. So, what is the entire debate about? Here is everything to know about the removal of Record of Ragnarok from Netflix India.


Record of Ragnarok is a popular ongoing manga and anime. The anime just began airing on Netflix yesterday, i.e., June 17, 2021. All the twelve episodes of Takeo Ono’s original text are available on the platform. The anime is performing well in other territories. But it had to say goodbye to the Indian viewers. This was a result of the outrage.

Record of Ragnarok: Why Was It Removed?

For a start, the Record of Ragnarok follows a grand championship between the warriors of Earth and Gods from different cultures. In the story, Lord Buddha, Zeus, Aries, Poseidon, and many other Gods appear as warriors. One such character happens to be the Hindu mythological God Lord Shiva. At first, the manga did not face any backlash for its content. Later, when the first trailer of RoR was out, the Indian fans were not happy with the depiction of their holy God. The anime shows Lord Shiva to be an ignorant fighter.

The character of “Shiva” was then removed from the second trailer. However, the President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed, points out that the manga misrepresents Hindu mythology in many ways. The portrayal of Shiva as a muscular and gruesome fighter leaves a wrong impression on global audiences. As a result, now that the show has debuted on the platform, the executive desks do not want any more backlash. Hence, the anime was is not available on Netflix India anymore. So, will the show ever return to India? Let’s find out.

Record of Ragnarok

Will The Show Ever Return?

Looking at the current state of events post the backlash, it looks like Netflix will not stream the anime in India anytime soon. The only chance of getting the show in India is by making the Studio add the necessary changes. It is highly unlikely of Studio Graphinica to take the show into production once again. Thus, for now, anime fans from India have no choice but to settle with the fact.


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