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RWBY Volume 5 Review [Spoiler Free] | The Anime Daily

Rooster Teeth delivers another disappointing volume. In fact, RWBY Volume 5 is undoubtedly the worst set of episodes of this otherwise beautiful show. The story arcs of all the characters have changed yet again, and not everyone seems to like it. However, several hardcore fans of the animated series are still supporting it. On the other hand, the mixed reviews given by critics have confused many new viewers. Hence, here’s an unbiased Spoiler-Free RWBY Volume 5 Review, with everything you need to know about the installment.

The American anime-style animated show RWBY debuted back July 2013 and has continued to air for eight volumes, as of November 2020. Created by the late writer and animator Monty Oum, the series became an instant hit all around the globe. Over the years, the critically-acclaimed anime has managed to keep its viewers hooked to the story. Rooster Teeth aired the fifth volume between October 2017 and January 2018.


For those who don’t know, RWBY is a sci-fi action-adventure show centering around four teenage girls, Ruby, Wiess, Blake, and Yang. The young girls are of the team RWBY and train to fight shadowy creatures called Grimm, in a world full of supernatural forces.

In RWBY Volume 5, each entangled in their own journeys, the team (that was broken apart in the last season) make it to Haven Academy, alongside Ruby’s uncle Qrow. However, everything isn’t as they had expected upon meeting the headmaster. The ancient relic is unguarded, and the mystical Spring maiden is missing. Fortunately, Ozpin has returned and is ready for a battle against Salem. Yet, as he lacks Hunters and the White Fang is closing in on Haven, the fight won’t be easy to win.

Is RWBY Volume 5 Worth The Watch?

While the first two volumes of RWBY were highly appreciated, fans weren’t as happy with the next two. Both Volume 3 and 4 had shifted from the series’s initial tone, yet they were still worth watching. Besides, since the story had evolved, viewers were forced to adjust to the changes. However, the fifth volumes of the show came out to be much more disappointing than ever before. Not only had the tone changed, but the quality of its storytelling had also been depleted.

The screenplay felt underdeveloped as many plot points felt incomplete. The writing was poor, and its pacing was improper, yet there was a lot of talking. RWBY Volume 5 barely had as many fight scenes as any of its other volumes. Given the circumstances of the last season, the characters now have different storylines. Many of these storylines weren’t planned out properly, which also ruined their character development. Being the protagonist, Ruby’s role in this volume felt bland and substandard. All in all, this sequel is a mess and does not do justice to the otherwise beautiful show.

However, we still can’t say that RWBY Volume 5 is not worth the watch. It may not resonate with the quality of the first volume, but it still is better than most other shows in the genre. Most importantly, the rest of the volumes after the fifth one are much better. As of now, the animated series is still running and might continue for a few more seasons. Hence, it’s better to bear this volume than miss the rest of the show.

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