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RWBY Volume 6 Review [Spoiler Free] |The Anime Daily

After three underwhelming seasons, our favorite show is finally back on track. RWBY Volume 6 has performed exceptionally well, and it surely is one of the strongest installments of the animated series. The previous volumes poorly handled character development. Luckily, most of the characters have powerful storylines now. If you’re thinking about watching the latest episodes, here’s a Spoiler-Free RWBY Volume 6 Review for motivation.

Rooster Teeth’s RWBY is an American anime-style animated show created by the late writer and animator Monty Oum. The television series began its broadcast back in July 2013 and is still on the run, as of November 2020. Upon its debut, the action-adventure anime opened up to much love from viewers and critics alike. RWBY Volume 6 aired between October 2018 and January 2019.


The story of this popular series centers around four young girls training to fight against shadowy monsters called Grimm. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang form team RWBY attempts to bring peace in a world full of supernatural forces.

After everything they’ve been through in the previous seasons, Team RWBY is finally reunited. Now that they’re together, their first mission will be to escort the Relic of Knowledge. However, the world is now crumbling around them. Remnant is still full of Grimm lurking around and traversing through it. Hence, the journey ahead won’t be easy for our favorite characters.

Is RWBY Volume 6 Worth The Watch?

The sixth volume of the animated series turned out to be much of an improvement than the previous installments. In fact, it also rolled out some of the knots from Volume 5. Besides, most of the characters have powerful storylines and meaningful involvement throughout the entire volume. The pacing of the story has also improved. Most importantly, almost all plot decisions make sense now. They also set up the plotline for the upcoming season.

Even though it had its slow moment, the story of the volume turned itself around at suitable moments. The thrill of suspense is strong again, which lacked in the previous installments. Instead of building things up, RWBY Volume 6 most strongly capitalized on answering questions that we’ve had for so long. This makes the installment satisfying as it’s no longer building up questions, but answering them as the journey continues.

Overall, RWBY Volume 6 was an entertaining watch and a worthy sequel to the popular show. It sets up a great plot for Volume 7, and we hope it turns out to be just as good.

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