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Sakugan Episode 2: The Quest In The Labyrinth Begins! Release Date

The first episode of Sakugan just aired, and fans are already loving the concept of the series. Sakugan has been one of the most anticipated series of recent times. While the Fall 2021 slate has many new releases in the line, this one is especially under the radar. So, the first episode introduces the strange world of the Labyrinth to the fans. After the apocalyptic events that took place years ago, humanity now resides beneath the surface of the Earth. Now, Sakugan Episode 2 will deal with the new adventures of protagonists Gagumber and Memenpu. So, here is all you need to know about the new outing.

In the forthcoming episode, fans can expect to see the aftermath of the death of Lynda. Lynda was one of the most trustable acquaintances of the siblings. However, she lost her life in a sudden earthquake that befell the Labyrinth. This will catalyze Gagumber and Memenpu’s wish to explore the mysteries of Earth.

Sakugan Episode 2

Sakugan Episode 2: Plot Details

The upcoming episode of Sakugan is likely to deal with the aftermath of Lynda’s death. Lynda had been a good friend and helpful acquaintance to both Gagumber and Memenpu. Losing her will definitely cause both the siblings to go into a dark phase of grief. However, Memenpu will reveal that the earthquake was caused by the movement of the mysterious package beneath the surface. For the longest time, the siblings had been planning to journey across the Labyrinth.

Now, Lynda’s death will act as a catalyst for them to get back to working on the plan once again. Thus, Sakugan Episode 2 will deal with the planning and plotting of the Labyrinth explorer mission. But before that, Memenpu will thoroughly study the effects of the movement of the mysterious parcel. Moreover, she will also dig into the mystery of the sender of the parcel named Urorop.

Sakugan Episode 2

Previous Episode Recap!

The first episode of Sakugan introduces the new world where humanity resides now. After the apocalyptic events, humans now live under the surface of Earth, known as Labyrinth. In the new structure, all citizens are assigned to the redevelopment work of the undergrounds. Gagumber and Memenpu are siblings who work in lower-ranking jobs. However, Memenpu is already a college graduate at the age of nine. As a result of her genius, she wants to quit the mining job and explore the dungeons even more.

Thus, she asks her neighbor Lynda to help them in the quest. However, before they could make a plan of action, a mysterious parcel came to their doorstep. Memenpu took the parcel from Urorop to Lynda. But the Earth began to shake as she walked outside the door. The episode ended with Lynda getting killed while trying to protect her peers from the earthquake.

Sakugan Episode 2

Sakugan Episode 2: Release Date

The second episode of Sakugan is on its way as Memenpu and Gagumber come to terms with their new plan. So, Sakugan Episode 2 will release this Thursday on October 14, 2021. Fans will find all the episodes of the new show only on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.