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Sakugan Anime Gets A Manga Adaptation! Release Date & Latest Details

We know that you have been waiting for Sakugan Anime, better known as Sacks&Guns!!, for a long time. Since early 2020, Satelight Studios and Crunchyroll are keeping its release date a secret. However, there is a piece of good news for the fans of this franchise! Sakugan is one of the highest-selling horror-thriller novels of Japan. Its loyal fan base has been waiting for a reboot ever since the first release.

This wait is finally over because author Nekotarō Inui is almost done with his work on the manga adaptation. Now, fans can simultaneously enjoy both the adaptations of the novel. Square Enix’s Manga Up will be publishing in the material every week. So, here is everything to know about the upcoming manga!


Sakugan Anime Gets a Manga Adaptation!

It’s surprising that a franchise as popular as Sakugan is getting a manga adaptation this late. Well, it had been in demand for a long time, and fans’ wishes are finally coming true. The famous horror-thriller novel by Nekotarō Inui is finally getting a manga adaptation very soon. The anime was also announced in early 2020 but was pushed ahead due to pandemic constraints. In the meantime, the manga is also ready to see the day of the light. Inui himself will be illustrating the text. Read through the entire article to find out about the release of the manga adaptation of Sacks&Guns!!


What’s The Anime And Manga About?

The only reference material that fans can read in order to learn more about Sakugan is the original novel series by Nekotarō Inui. The story is set in the dark realms of Labyrinth, where people reside underground after an apocalypse. The story takes us to Pinyin, where a nine-year-old girl Memempuu lives with her father, Gaganbar. Both Memempuu and Gaganbar are diggers by profession.

One fine day, the little girl demands her father to look for her mother in the Labyrinth. Her father, being a mapmaker, agrees to do so on a conditional note. But danger follows them wherever they go. Will the two ever find Memempuu’s mother? What is hiding beneath the Labyrinth? Watch Sakugan anime or wait for the manga adaptation to find out yourself.

Sakugan Anime & Manga Release Dates

The first anime adaptation so a delay due to an ongoing health emergency in 2020. Hence, the show will arrive on Crunchyroll in October 2021. The definite release date is yet to be confirmed by the makers. However, the confirmation of the manga has already found a release window. The first chapter of the manga will debut on June 29, 2021. Fans can subscribe to Square Enix’s Manga Up to read all the chapters of the much-awaited series.

Are you excited about new developments in the Sakugan franchise? What are your thoughts about the manga adaptation? Will you be reading the unabridged text? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more latest news flashes on popular anime and manga, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.