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Darwin’s Game Set For August 2021 Release On Netflix! Other Insights

Since January 2020, the world is waiting for Darwin’s Game to release globally. Now, it’s time to finally renew subscriptions because the show is almost here. Streaming giant Netflix and Studio Nexus are coming together to release the anime in the US and other western regions. The popular isekai manga by FLIPFLOPs got the first anime adaptation last year. Well, the eleven-episode series was received with much love and appreciation.

Now, it’s time for the English-speaking audience to witness the grandeur. Netflix finally has a release schedule ready for the anime. Moreover, we also have an official synopsis and other insights. So, without any further ado, here is everything that you must know!

Darwin Game

Darwin’s Game: Plot Details

The official synopsis of the upcoming show suggests a journey full of action and drama. We get to meet Kaname Sudo, a regular high school student with a keen interest in game making. In light of his exceptional talent, the game makers of Darwin’s Game invite him to join and compete in the guild. Well, you can imagine what happens next! Much like a classic Isekai anime, Kaname is now under abduction of the virtual world.

Now, he must compete against fellow players in order to become the leader of the guild and ultimately escape this gaming world. So, who are these other players? How will all of them go back to reality? The answers lie in watching Darwin’s Game on Netflix.

Will There Be A Delay?

As confirm as the announcement sounds, Netflix has a notorious history of sending shows back to the “Netflix Jail.” The same was the case with Hunter X Hunter Season 6. After all preparations for a release were confirmed, the show was pushed ahead to August. For now, Darwin’s Game also has a solid release date. There are no significant hurdles in the way of release thus far. Fans can only hope that the anime does not find any obstacles in the release. Skim through the following subheads to find out the release date!


Darwin’s Game Release Date

The popular Japanese venture by Nexus Studios is all set to step foot in the western territories. Netflix is ready to set the August slate ablaze with Darwin’s Game on August 1, 2021. Moreover, other western countries besides the US will be announced soon enough. So, get your subscription right away because this is not something you miss!

Are you excited to watch Darwin’s Game on Netflix? What are your thoughts about the delay in releases in the west? Let’s have a fruitful discussion in the comment box below. For more news updates on popular anime, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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