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+Sasaki And Miyano Anime: New Teaser Out! Set For Winter 2022 Release

Fans of the Sasaki And Miyano manga can finally ease their tensions! The anime adaptation of their favorite manga is almost around the corner. After the initial announcement in November 2020, the authors of the manga did not come out with any updates. This led to the audience believing that the project might be shelved for the time being. However, the weekend brought good news for all the fans. The official website of Sasaki And Miyano has many new updates. So, when is the new show coming out? Will there be a delay? Here is all you need to know about the new venture.

Sasaki to Miyano is one of the most popular Japanese slice-of-life manga. The text is written and illustrated by Sho Harusono. The short manga has published two volumes so far. The serialization continues to date. Later on, Studio Deen took up the animation work in November 2020. Now, fans wait to see the final product in the coming months.

Sasaki And Miyano

Sasaki And Miyano Anime: Plot & New Teaser Out!

According to the official synopsis by Yen Press, the story of Sasaki And Miyano revolves around the mismatched love story of Shumei Sasaki and Yoshikazu Miyano. The two high school classmates are polar opposites of one another. Sasaki is a studious and awkward class acer. Meanwhile, Miyoni is the popular boy of the school. He is loved by almost every female in the school, including his teachers. A school assignment brings the two together, and chaos begins in the school.

Yoshikazu Miyano falls for Sasaki’s simplicity and awkwardness. However, Sasaki believes that love is only a distraction in student life. The bond between the two makes up for the story of Sasaki And Miyano Anime. Will this love ever see a happy ending? How will Miyano convince Sasaki that his love is true? Fans will get all the answers when the show releases. The new teaser of the series beautifully introduces the characters of Miyano and Sasaki. Moreover, the 60-second clip also reveals the release date of the new show. Here is the trailer:

Cast & Crew Updates!

The official website of Sasaki and Miyano reveals the names of the cast that will be working on the project. This includes Yusuke Shirai in the lead role of Shumei Sasaki. Along with him, Soma Saito will be playing the role of Yoshikazu Miyano. Moreover, Yoshitsugu is playing Taiga Hirano. Yuki Ono and Yuma Uchida are playing the roles of Jiro Ogasawara and Masato Hanzawa. Lastly, Ryohei Arai and Mitsuhiro Ichiki will be seen as Tasuku Kuresawa and Gonsaburo Tashiro.

The staff of the series includes Fairy Tail fame filmmaker Shinji Ishihira as the director of the series. Takahiro Ueno will be assisting him in direction. Moreover, Yoshiko Nakamura will be composing the series at Studio Deen. Additionally, Maki Fuji is responsible for the character designs of the anime. Further staff members are yet to be revealed.

Sasaki And Miyano

Sasaki And Miyano: Release Date

The latest trailer of the new series has got fans talking. The much-awaited romance also has a tentative release date. The teaser confirms the date for the fans. So, Sasaki And Miyano Anime will release in January 2022. Moreover, fans can expect to get a full-length trailer in a few weeks. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.