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Shadows House Season 2 Renewed! New Teaser, Plot & Release Date

Shadows House Season 2 finally renewed, and fans cannot stop talking about it. Since July 2021, the followers of the popular horror anime have been waiting for the news of renewal. Well, that wait came to an end this weekend. This Sunday, Studio Cloverworks organized a live-stream event to interact with fans. In the event, the makers announced the second season of the franchise. Moreover, a new teaser was also streamed in the panel discussion. So, when is the sequel coming out? What is the production status? Here is all you need to know about the second season.

Shadows House is one of the most popular Seinen manga of Japan. The horror manga began serialization back in September 2018. Since then, eight volumes of the text have come out. In September 2020, Cloverworks announced its collaboration with Shueisha to bring the anime adaptation to the floors. The first episode of the series aired in January 2021. Since then, fans have been waiting for the second season.

Shadows House Season 2

Shadows House Season 2: Renewal & Production Status

The popular mystery series Shadows House is officially renewed by Studio Cloverworks. The announcement was a part of the special live-stream event by the production company. In the event, the panel revealed that Shadows House Season 2 is under construction, and the sequel will be land on the screens soon enough. As for the production status, it can be assumed that Cloverworks has just begun the production work of the second season. The Shadows House anime series only contains thirteen episodes per season.

Thus, the studio would not take longer than six months to animate one season. Hence, it is safe to say that Shadows House Season 2 is only in the early stages of production. After the animation is completed, the promotional team will likely take over the work. They would release new visuals and trailers.

Shadows House Season 2

Plot Details & New Trailer

The first season of Shadows House told the story of the titular haunted mansion where a family of masters and mistresses lived. Each member of the Villa is accompanied by a Living Doll who serves as a slave to the master. The first season revolved around Emilico, who served Kate as a soot cleaner. The final few moments of Season 1 left fans with many questions. By the end of the season, Kate and Emilico successfully escaped Edward’s trap.

However, it is still not clear how the two girls ran away. The biggest mystery that Shadows House Season 2 has to answer is the true identity of Morphe. The Shadow herself does not remember her real name or identity. Thus, this makes it even more terrifying that she was, in fact, Shirley at one point. The next season is likely to deal with the merger of the Shadows and their masters. According to the Shadow culture, the shadows and “Faces” must give up their individuality and merge into their masters.

However, Kate might try to keep Emilico by her side. Moreover, the next season will also touch upon the mysterious disappearance of civilians from the village. Lastly, the new trailer creates a sense of horror without any dialogues or action. The announcement teaser only displays scenes from the previous season. Here is the new trailer.

Is There Enough Source Material?

The Shadows House manga has eight volumes in total. The pilot season used up material till the fourth volume. Reportedly, half of the fourth volume is still not a part of the adaptation. Thus, the second season correctly has half the material left to adapt. Hence, it can be presumed that Shadows House Season 2 has just the right amount of source material to be adapted. The second installment would take up the plot ahead of Chapter 47. However, after that, the Studio might have to rely on the original storyline to renew more seasons.

Shadows House Season 2

Will There Be More Seasons?

As mentioned earlier, the manga only has ample source material for a second season. Even if the next thirteen episodes don’t adopt the entire remaining part, there wouldn’t be enough material left for a new season altogether. Furthermore, So-ma-to’s manga does not have any more spin-off or sequel series in the line-up. Hence, Shadows House Season 2 might be the last adapted season of SH. Since the manga is still serializing new volumes every month, there might be enough source material collected by the end of Season 2.

Additionally, Studio Cloverworks has produced multiple successful ventures that were original stories. If the reception and popularity of the second season hit the right note, the renewal of a third season would not be a tough call. Studio Cloverworks can easily join hands with author So-ma-to and brew a story for the third season. The picture will get clear after a few months.

Shadows House Season 2

Shadows House Season 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, neither the director nor the studio has revealed the official release date for Shadows House Season 2. Judging by the production status of the show, it can be assumed that the sequel will land in the Spring 2022 slate. The first season was announced in October 2020 and released in April 2021. Thus, fans can expect a similar schedule for the next season as well. Hence, Season 2 might release in April 2022. Keep coming back to The Anime Daily for more such news updates.