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Netflix Launches Anime Creators’ Base In Tokyo Office! Future Plans

For the last two years, Netflix has been aggressively working towards becoming a dominant name in the anime business. Currently, only Funimation and Crunchyroll are the two streamers that bring popular banners to the US. They release shows with compatible dubs and quality subtitles. Hulu and AnimeLab are also smaller competition for the firm. In July 2021, the Geeked Week online event announced more than a dozen shows on the platform. This filled the entire Fall 2021 slate for the company. In the same chain, Netflix has recently launched the ‘Anime Creators’ Base’ in Tokyo. Here is all you need to know about it.

After seeing a successful Fall turnout, Netflix is cutting out the next venture in their to-do list. Unlike previous collaborations and licensing, this Base is going to serve the talent that works behind the stage. Not only fans, but Netflix is also working towards providing resources to the creators who give their life to the development of anime. Anime Creators’ Base is a unique experiment that may give fans wonders in the coming years.


Netflix: What Is Anime Creators’ Base?

According to the content platform, the Anime Creators’ Base is a physical division in Netflix’s Tokyo office. Also known as the Anime Creators’ Lounge, the new building of the office is being designed to serve the needs of new anime creators who lack the resources to construct their stories. Well, the lounge will cater to three major areas of anime development. This includes designing, writing, and a multi-functional laboratory. Each need will be designated a separate working space that would be called garages. The designer’s garage will enable staff members to conceptualize new character designs and animation styles.

Moreover, the writers’ garage will include all the required tools that writers and developers need to write a story. The Base will also include a creative interior design to inspire writers. Lastly, the multi-functional lab will contain all the technology needed to develop new and efficient animation techniques. This will also enable Netflix to work on advanced styles like VR and motion capture in anime. Here is the first look at the Base.

Is The Lounge Launched?

Unfortunately, Netflix has revealed that the Base is yet to be launched. The company has hired designers and architects to build the Base of its vision. According to Anime News Network, designers Namiko Ishidate and Saina Cisse are working with Netflix to create the roadmap of the designers’ garage area. Moreover, the firm has not revealed who will be working on the other two bases. For now, there has been no confirmed news as to when the lounge would begin work. The construction work would take at least a year of time. Thus, it is safe to say that the Anime Creators’ Base will begin production from Fall 2022.


Netflix: Future Plans

Taiki Sakurai, the chief producer at Netflix, recently published a blog post that talks about the Anime Creators’ Base. In the post, Taiki writes that the company inspired creating this lounge from Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Anime. Moreover, she revealed that he, along with Netflix’s able team, wishes to bring original stories to the world. The lounge would enable creators to visualize their ideas better with the technologies they are trying to build. Keep coming back to The Anime Daily for more news updates.