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Scarlet Nexus Episode 10: Yuito Rebels! Release Date & Plot Details

The Scarlet Nexus anime series is only two episodes away from the finale. As the season approaches its end, the tension between Yuito and her own team also increases. What started as a story of good versus evil has now turned into a battle of conscience. In the previous episode, Yuito was forced to believe that his own government has lost the cause they were working for. Now, Scarlet Nexus Episode 10 will reveal the dark realities of the governmental system. So, will he rebel against his own commanders? Here is all you need to know about the upcoming episode.

In the forthcoming episode, fans will learn the dark truths about the Scarlet team. Garrison has always been a suspicious man in the authorities. But now that Yuito has solid proof of his intentions, he might not leave this opportunity to expose him. This, in turn, will also expose the entire corrupt system. Moreover, he will also leave the organization and set out on a mission of his own.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 10

Scarlet Nexus Episode 10: Plot Details

The title of the tenth episode is “The Rebel Yuito.” As the name suggests, the next episode is likely to showcase Yuito’s rebellion. After getting injected by mysterious serums at the OSF hospital, Yuito has been having premonitions about the events of the future. Garrison being their next mission commander, orders the team to play on the backfoot. But he will realize that he has already seen the allies of the tunnel. Thus, his suspicion towards Garrison will grow even stronger.

Since Karen and Fubuuki also escaped into the tunnel after chaos broke out at the OSF, Garrison is trying to help them instead of catching them. Thus, in the upcoming episode, Yuito will leave her own team and begin the quest to stop Karen on his own. Kasane and Aisha might also join him in the rebellion. In Scarlet Nexus Episode 10, it will be interesting to see how things unfold once Garrison’s intentions are exposed to all.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 10

Previous Episode Recap!

In the ninth episode, the Scarlet team was able to escape the OSF hospital. The teleportation took them to Garrison, who immediately began their next mission. In the arena, Garrison took the lead to assess the area. Thereafter, Yuito revealed to the team that the doctors might have injected something in him at the OSF. Due to the medications, he was envisioning the events of the tunnel that they were currently in.

Later on, Garrison asked Yuito and his troop to head towards the Extinction Belt of the tunnel. Yuito realized that he had dreamt of this plan too. Thus, his suspicion towards Garrison turned out to be true. In the upcoming episode, Yuito might turn rogue over his own commander and look for Karen and Fubuuki on his own.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 10

Scarlet Nexus Episode 10: Release Date

The upcoming episode of Scarlet Nexus is setting up a big betrayal to come. Fans are pretty excited to see what the next episode will bring to the storyline. So, Scarlet Nexus Episode 10 will release this Thursday on September 2, 2021. All the latest episodes of the anime are available on Funimation.

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