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Scarlet Nexus Episode 12: Kasane To Attack Yuito! Release Date & Plot

Scarlet Nexus has become one of the most popular action thrillers in the past couple of months. Fans of the show look forward to new episodes with excitement. This week, the story will officially inaugurate the Togetsu Arc of the anime series. Togetsu city is one of the most anticipated areas of anime. Fans of the original game are overjoyed to learn that the arc had arrived way before they expected it. So, in Scarlet Nexus Episode 12, new secrets about the city will be disclosed. Who can Yuito trust now? Here is all you need to know about the new episode.

The next episode will bring epic action to the floors. After freeing away from the corrupt governmental system, Yuito might also have to battle his own friends. In Togetsu city, Yuito and Kasane will confront one another about the future vision that the latter saw in the hospital. However, the dialogue might turn into a clash. Who will win between the two friends? Is the victory worth the fight?

Scarlet Nexus Episode 12

Scarlet Nexus Episode 12: Plot Details

The title of the forthcoming episode of Scarlet Nexus is “The Moon’s Secret.” Yuito and his squad will safely reach Togetsu city. The priestesses of the local church will welcome the team to their home and ask for their help. One of the nuns would reveal the things that the Himuka government has done to the local villagers in the name of order. Kasane, who managed to escape Kyoka, will enter the village all alone.

Later, Yuito’s squad will also enter the city by tricking the gatekeeper. After finding out about the plans of the Himuka government, Kasane will share a dialogue with Yuito about their next plan. In Scarlet Nexus Episode 12, they know that even the OSF cannot be trusted anymore. However, when Kasane remembers what the future Yuito told him, she might try to kill his past self in order to save himself.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 12

Previous Episode Recap!

Previously on Scarlet Nexus, Yuito and his rebelling team set out on a quest to reach Togetsu. Meanwhile, Karen had already charged violation cases against Yuito for the act of treason. Because he rebelled against Garrison, humanoid robots have been trolling the city to look for him. Thus, Yuito suggested that the team should rush toward Togetsu city as they may find a safe house there.

Moreover, he revealed that Suoh, the headquarters of the OSF, is also in the city. Later, Yuito explained that in the hospital, he refrained from using psionics because he suspicioned Garrison of being a mole. Moreover, his belief turned out to be true. Now, the team continued towards Togetsu, looking out for the humanoids on the way. The episode ended with Karen and Kyoka abducting Fubuki and Kasane from their shelters.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 12

Scarlet Nexus Episode 12: Release Date

Fans are thrilled at the arrival of the Togetsu Arc in the story. What will be the course of events from here? Will Kasane escape Kyoka’s trap? Scarlet Nexus Episode 12 is all set to release on Thursday, September 16, 2021. New episodes arrive only on Funimation and Netflix every week. So, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the latest updates in no time.