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Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Part 2 Set For October 2021 Debut On Netflix!

Fans of the popular franchise have been desperately waiting to get a glimpse of the Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Part 2. Since June 2021, they have heard no news about the release of the second installment. The fifth season was released in Japan in a single cour without any breaks. However, Netflix decided to release the first twelve episodes in the summer slate and reserved the next twelve for the Fall slate. So, when is the second part releasing? What is causing the delay? Here is everything you need to know.

The upcoming part will bring the conclusion to Dragon’s Judgement arc. The Seven Deadly Sins will bring an end to the Demon King’s era of darkness. However, the demon’s defeat will not be enough. The warriors will have to fight every single demon and free the world from the fear of these creatures. It will be interesting to see how things will end for the Demon King.

Seven deadly sins season 5 part 2

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Part 2: Production Status!

All the twenty-four episodes of the anime have already aired in Japan. However, it is the Netflix Jail that has been delaying the release of the second installment. The reason why the production status matters here is because Netflix has taken the anime to the post-production room before the release. The streamer is known to release shows and movies in a variety of languages and dictions. Netflix tries to add both subtitles as well as dubbings to a show before release. Hence, Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Part 2 is also going through the same process. Thankfully, the work is in the final stages and is nearing completion.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Part 2

What Will Happen Next?

The first cour of the fifth season left fans with many questions. A brief synopsis by Netflix suggests that the newer episodes will delve into the story of Meliodas and his hunger for power. In the upcoming season, the evil will absorb the Commandments and try to get hold of the title of the Demon King. He will also move forward with the motive to save Elizabeth’s life. Furthermore, the story will also touch upon Ban’s arc, where he will try to save his captain’s soul from relinquishing.

By the end of the previous season, Meliodas and Ban were successfully able to break the purgatory and escape the Demon King. But before they could reach any further, the Demon Lord got hold of Meliodas. Later, he was almost successful in taking over the latter’s body, but the Seven Deadly Sins saved the day for him. Now, the final few episodes only await the last blow between the Seven Deadly Sins and the Demon Lord. It will be the ultimate episode of the series, which will conclude a major arc of the story.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Part 2

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Part 2: Release Date

For now, there has been no official announcement by Netflix regarding the release date of the second part. However, it is clear that the content platform is currently working on the subtitles and dubbings of the remaining episodes. Hence, this may take around one month of time to complete the work. Therefore, fans can expect Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Part 2 to arrive in the first two weeks of October 2021. Netflix will probably announce a solid release date in the next few weeks. Until then, The Anime Daily is your play for all the latest news updates.

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