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Sonny Boy Episode 10: Summer & Shura! Release Date & Plot Details

Sonny Boy Episode 10 is almost here, and there are many questions that this episode has to answer. For a start, how will the class escape all the drifts that Mizuho is causing involuntarily? Will they ever get back to the real world? In the previous episode, Rajdhani revealed that none of the classmates possessed the power to open and shut portals. Thus, it is clear that Mizuho has been causing all the drifts. But the real question is can she take them back home? Here is all you need to know about the latest episode.

In the forthcoming episode, fans will learn more about Mizuho’s powers. One of Seiji’s twins has killed himself. Thus, the class cannot use his ‘reverse’ power to open the portal. Moreover, Ms. Aki is on a mission of her own. She is creating every menace that she can to slow down the work of the class. What is she up to? The next episode will answer all the questions.

Sonny Boy Episode 10

Sonny Boy Episode 10: Plot Details

The latest episode of Sonny Boy is titled “Summer and Shura.” The next episode is likely to follow the aftermath of Seiji’s death. It is clear after Rajdhani’s investigations that Mizuho has been causing all the drifts so far. She also understands that Seiji’s duplicate was also created with Mizuho’s powers. However, other students are yet to find out about this. In Sonny Boy Episode 10, the other classmates will possibly learn about Mizuho’s powers.

Moreover, the episode will also touch upon Ms. Aki’s plans. Earlier in the episode, the teacher tried to provoke the class into attacking Seiji. Later, she also asked them to abduct Mizuho so that she could not cause any further drifts. In the next episode, the students might use Seiji’s multiplying powers to navigate their homes. However, the success rate of this experiment seems low. The chances of another drift are high for the next edition.

Sonny Boy Episode 10

Previous Episode Recap!

In the ninth episode of Sonny Boy, another mysterious boy appeared in front of the students. The boy introduced himself as Seiji. He revealed that he was also drifted to the new world just like them. Later, he began telling them about his life story. Seiji told the class that his twin brother is also in this world, and they are arch enemies. Moreover, their teacher, Ms. Aki, suggests using the twins’ power to get back to their home.

However, as soon as Aki hit the other brother, the sky turned dark red. Nagara understands that the two brothers are, in fact, the same person. Later, Rajdhani returns with a report of her examinations. She announced that all the drifts that the class has faced so far had been Mizuho’s fault. However, before they could all attack Mizuho, Seiji stole her cat and shot himself in the head. The episode ended with a disappointed look on Ms. Aki’s face as she wanted to use Seiji to escape the drifts.

Sonny Boy Episode 10

Sonny Boy Episode 10: Release Date

Nagara and Mizuho are the only ones who understand the gravity of the situation. How will they convince their classmates to work together? Sonny Boy Episode 10 will release this Thursday on September 16, 2021. Fans can find all the episodes of the show on Funimation and Hulu. Moreover, the episodes are available with English subtitles.