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Shaman King Episode 23: Yoh’s Ultimate Move! Release Date & Plot

Shaman King has come halfway through the story, and the crown of the new Shaman King is still empty. The Shaman fight is in the midst of an extremely crucial battle. Yoh Asakura is on the battlefield with his team. The Icemen are also a powerful team. However, Yoh has also trained relentlessly with Anna. Shaman King Episode 23 will declare the name of the victor. So, who is going to win this battle? Is Yoh too overconfident with his powers? What will happen next? Here are all the answers for you.

In the upcoming episode, Anna will summon the spirit of his wife to weaken the Icemen Team from the core. The power of souls has always been useful against human subjects. However, in order to take down the entire team, Yoh will have to conjure his ultimate move. It will be interesting to see how thing turns out for him and his team.

Shaman King Episode 23

Shaman King Episode 23: Plot Details

The title of the upcoming episode of Shaman King is “The Power of Yoh.” As the title suggests, the new episode will display the fullest potential of Yoh’s powers. But before that, fans will witness the ultimate attack that Anna was conjuring by the end of the previous episode. Anna used up his spirit power to summon his wife’s soul and use her energy to take down the icemen. This attack will weaken the Icemen team to a large extent.

Later, Yoh would formulate his final attack to win the match. Well, the viewers have not seen Yoh’s power beyond the Amidamaru form. Moreover, Yoh is also the possessor of the Futsu-no-Mitama Sword. Thus, his attack will radiate more energy now that he has a weapon to harness it. Shaman King Episode 23 is likely to end with Yoh, Anna, and Flaust celebrating their victory over the Icemen.

Previous Episode Recap!

Previously on Shaman King, Yoh’s first fight of the competition began. Before the match, Yoh did not seem nervous or anxious. To this, Anna commented that he should not be overconfident about his powers. Later, Ren got into a row with the Icemen team. The clash led to Ren developing a grudge towards the team. Moreover, the hosts made the announcement of the match, and Yoh and the Icemen rushed to the field.

Since the beginning of the battle, Yoh dominated the Icemen Team. Fans also got to see Yoh’s Amidamaru transformation. The scene immediately cut to Ren, who went out of the battle arena to rethink his strategy against Yoh. Later on, Flaust also got his time to shine in the battle. He took down three Icemen all at once. The episode ended with Anna summoning all the spirit power from his surroundings to form the ultimate attack.

Shaman King Episode 23

Shaman King Episode 23: Release Date

The next episode will showcase Yoh in action for the first time. So, who is going to become the next Shaman King? Will it be Yoh? Shaman King Episode 23 will release this Thursday on September 16, 2021. Fans will find all the episodes of the anime only on Netflix. However, 23th episode forth, western subscribers will have to wait for some weeks before the editions are added to the catalog. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the updates on Shaman King.