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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222: War Of Three Deities! Release Date

Fans of the Tokyo Revengers manga are quite upset after the previous chapter came out. In the story’s final arc, they witnessed one of the most heartbreaking losses of all time. Draken Ryuguji lost his life while saving Senju and Takemichi from the members of the Rokuhara Tandai. His last words to Takemichi were about Mikey. The boy asked his friend to give a message to Mikey. He asked him not to spread any more chaos in Tokyo. How will Mikey react to his death? Is the war already here? Here is all you need to know about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222.

The newest chapter of Tokyo Revengers will inaugurate the final arc of the manga. Draken’s death is the final push that will officially begin the War of Three Deities arc. Fans can expect to see the conclusion of the manga very soon after this. The tables can turn either way from this point. Let’s see how things turn out for Takemichi Hanagaki during the war.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers may serve as a turning point for the story. Takemichi and Senju will most likely take Draken’s body back to a safe house. The latter lost his life, saving the two from the gang members of Rokuhara Tandai. Now, the next chapter will touch upon the consequences of Draken’s loss. The death will not only catalyze the incoming war, but it will also give Takemichi a purpose as a Brahman member. Hence, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222 will officially begin the War of Three Deities arc for the manga.

At the beginning of the previous chapter, Mikey stated that he was sensing a tragedy in the air. When the scene cut back to the amusement park, Draken lost his life-saving Senju and Takemichi. In the next chapter, Takemichi and Senju will mourn the loss of their friend. Later, the two might set a meeting with Mikey to confront him about the attack. Enraged by the news, Mikey would call war upon the Rokuhara Tandai gang. Thus, it will be interesting to see how things play out in the final arc of Tokyo Revengers.

Previous Chapter Recap!

Previously on Tokyo Revengers, the chaos in the amusement park was presumed. Even though Draken came to the rescue of Senju and Takemichi, he could not do much against the large group of goons. Draken soon realized that the assassins were, in fact, members of the Rokuhara Tandai gang. While they are being chased, Draken reveals the identity of the gang to Takemichi. Thus, Hanagaki was shocked at this declaration and asked Draken about their purpose. The latter revealed that other gangs of Tokyo have a strong radar over Takemichi.

His sudden transfer to the Brahman gang was not well-received by other goons. Takemichi responded by saying that Mikey would probably know about the attack. The leader has his eyes and ears all over Tokyo. Later, Takemichi thanked Draken for saving them and altering the future that he saw. The chapter ended with Draken shielding Takemichi and Senju from gunshots fired by Rokuharas.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222
Source: Kodansha

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222: Release Date

The latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers might change the course of events after Draken’s loss. Who was behind the attack? How will Takemichi find the assassin? Fans will have to wait for the new outing to find out. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222 will release on Wednesday, September 14, 2021. Lastly, all the chapters of the popular manga are available on the official website of Kodansha.