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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221: Brahman Vs. Rokuhara Tandai! Release Date

The Tokyo Revengers manga continues to captivate fans even after two hundred episodes. The current act of the manga is dealing with the reshuffling of the members into various gangs. Takemichi and Senju are the core members of the Brahman gang. Thus, they have made many enemies for themselves, even within their own gang. As a result, Senju and Takemichi have a constant life threat upon themselves. So, will Senju die saving Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221? Can Draken save both his friends? Here is all you need to know about the new chapter.

In the upcoming chapter, Takemichi will continue to fight with the members of the Brahman Gang. The lower-ranking gang members are here to terminate Takemichi because he poses a threat to the leadership of the gang. Thus, Senju might try to save her friend. This might result in her losing her own life. It will be interesting to see how things unfold when Draken enters the battlefield.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter has many action sequences coming in for the fans. The last chapter ended with Draken entering the battlefield to save Takemichi Hanagaki and Senju. Takemichi was being attacked by his own gang members. This act of treason might wage war between the members of the Brahman and the Rokuhara Tandai gang. Besides, the arrival of Draken will complicate things further for the gang members. The other Brahmans wanted to execute Takemichi to get to the upper rankings.

Later on, the battle between the gang members might take a grim turn. So far, all of Takemichi’s visions have come true. Thus, the chances of Senju losing her life for the sake of Hanagaki are extremely high. In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221, fans might witness the death of Senju Kawargi at the hands of the Brahman members. She will fulfill her promise of saving Takemichi and take the bullet on herself.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221
Source: Kodansha

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 220th chapter of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi pondered upon his vision of Senju dying. In the vision, he saw that Senju is going to die in the same amusement park that they were in at that time. Senju asked if something was bothering him. But Takemichi said that he was fine. Later on, Senju left for the washroom. Soon after that, Takemichi realized that he had let Senju go to the building all by herself. As he was about to get to the building, a gang member appeared in front of him.

Takemichi realized that they were the members of his own gang, and they had come to execute him, not Senju. What followed was a battle between Takemichi and the gang members. One of the masked men pulled out the gun to shoot Hanagaki. Senju appeared at the scene to save Takemichi. But he stopped Senju from entering the battle. The chapter ended with Draken entering the amusement park to save both Senju and Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221
Source: Kodansha

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221: Release Date

The latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers will set the stage for an epic battle between the Brahmans and the Rokuhara Tandai. So, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221 will release this Wednesday on September 8, 2021. All the chapters of the popular manga are available on the official website of Kodansha.