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Overgeared Chapter 96: Yura & Greed To Fight US Team! Release Date

Overgeared is one of the most discussed Korean mangas of recent times, and fans are crazy about the release of each chapter. The current arc of the story is catching many eyeballs. The Satisfy International competition has jumped to a higher level after Greed’s grand entry. So far, Pagma’s successor has been able to take down fifteen smaller teams. Now, the team’s focus is going to be the bigger teams like France and the US. In Overgeared Chapter 96, Greed and Aura Master will get into an epic battle. Here are more details about the same.

In the upcoming chapter, Greed will use his gear upgrades to counter Aura Master’s attacks. Moreover, Yura will also get into action after her wounds are completely healed. Thus, she and Greed will form some combined attacks and try to beat Aura Master. Fans can also expect to see other participants in this battle.

Overgeared Chapter 96

Overgeared Chapter 96: Plot Details

The forthcoming chapter of Overgeared will continue the fight between Greed and Aura Master. The American champion is one of the top three contestants of the Satisfy International Competitions. For many of the past games, Aura Master has been consistently winning championships. Thus, he wants to defeat the Korean champion and win the title this year as well. In Overgeared Chapter 96, Greed and Aura Master will continue their battle.

Since Jishuka is injured after the attack, she might not be able to join the battle this soon. By the end of the previous chapter, Yura also entered the battle to help her partner. Thus, Yura and Greed will formulate some combined attacks to take down Aura Master. Fans can also expect to see Yura’s sorcery powers after the events of the Baran Attack. Moreover, the other US players might also arrive to help their team. Hence, the next chapter has much action and chaos coming in for the fans.

Overgeared Chapter 96

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 95th chapter of Overgeared, Jishuka came face to face with the champion of the US team. So far, France and the US team have been dominating the leaderboard of the championship. But after Greed’s arrival, the Korean team has also earned significant points. As a result, many teams are trying to go after them. Jishuka being the weakest link is attacked first. The warrior put a good fight against the Aura master.

But she fell within minutes of the battle. Just when Aura Master was about to eliminate Jishuka from the competition, Greed blocked the attack and saved her. Aura Master was delighted to see Greed in action. He mocked him that he personally wanted to defeat the champion of Korea. Thus, Greed and Aura Master got into an epic battle. The chapter ended with Yura entering the battle scene after she fully recovered from her wounds. It will be interesting to see how things unfold when the three champions fight the US warrior in Overgeared Chapter 96.

Overgeared Chapter 96

Overgeared Chapter 96: Release Date

Yura is all set to re-enter the championship. With a team of three, the Korean Guild will mark the Satisfy International Competition in their name. So, Overgeared Chapter 96 will release this Wednesday on September 8, 2021. All the chapters of the Korean manga will be available on the official website of Kakaopage. Moreover, the English translations of the chapter are available two days after the initial release.