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Berserk Chapter 364: Release Date & New Volume Confirmed! Will There Be More Chapters?

Berserk Chapter 364 is finally around the corner, and fans have many questions regarding its release. After the world lost the legendary artist Kentaro Miura, it also lost the hopes of seeing more of his works. The Berserk manga has been on hiatus since January 2021. In August, Young Animal Magazine announced that they would publish the next chapter of Berserk in memory of the lost legend. But confusion and chaos have surrounded this release. So, when is the new chapter coming out? Will this be the final chapter? Here is all you need to know about it.

Hakusensha, the distributing company associated with Berserk, announced that they would be publishing the 41st volume of the manga. The contents of this volume are yet unknown. Moreover, the company also revealed that the volume would include a special edition drama CD and canvas art by Kentaro Miura along with the text.

Berserk Chapter 364

Berserk Chapter 364: What Will Be The Plot?

Around a month ago, preview details of the upcoming chapter surfaced on the internet. Days later, the makers released the same details officially. The preview and the rough scans indicate that Guts will continue his journey within the Kingdom. The strange kid that followed Guts in the previous chapter will make a comeback in the next edition as well. Moreover, the official front cover of the magazine has confirmed that Griffith will also feature in the new chapter. According to the rough scans, Guts might get into a row with the kid who has been following him for the last three chapters.

There are also theories that suggest that the kid might actually be Griffith in disguise. Griffith might have come to Guts to confront him about his real identity. Moreover, he will likely use the knowledge of Caska to retrieve Guts’ memories. Berserk Chapter 364 will probably end with yet another cliffhanger, much like all Berserk chapters. Guts will not come out victorious, and his rage will rise to a higher level.

Berserk Chapter 364

Will There Be More Chapters?

So far, Young Animal Magazine has not confirmed if Berserk Chapter 364 is going to be the final chapter of the manga. After the tragic loss of veteran author Kentaro Miura, the story of Berserk might never see an original conclusion. But fans speculate that the manga might continue the story till the end of the Fantasia Arc. Moreover, if the 41st volume is to come out this year, Chapter 364 might not be the last edition of the manga. The new chapter will make things clear once it is released this week.

Berserk Chapter 364

Berserk Chapter 364: Release Date

The new chapter of the Berserk manga is almost around the corner. According to the official statement, the new chapter will release in the 18/2021 issue of the Animal Young Magazine. Thus, the magazine will come out this Wednesday on September 10, 2021. Moreover, the 41st volume of the manga will launch on December 24, 2021. The special edition volume will also include a drama CD and a canvas art on Berserk.