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Overgeared Chapter 97: PVP Tournament Begins! Release Date

So far, Yura and Greed have been able to carry their team to the top of the scorecards. However, their brilliant performance has also made many enemies for them in the competition. In the beginning, only smaller players were their rivals. But big teams like France and the US have also joined the league. In that case, Greed and Yura will have to up their game. So, in Overgeared Chapter 97, the PVP Tournament would commence, and one champion from each team will enter the battlefield. Who will the Korean Team send this time? Greed, Yura or Jishuka? Here is all you need to know.

The upcoming chapter is all set to take fans on a trip to an action-packed fiesta. The fifth day of the competition is about the beginning, and all champions have only one target, Pagma’s successor. But before him, they must face Yura. The competition can turn either way, and Korea may end up losing it all. Is the team prepared enough?

Overgeared Chapter 97

Overgeared Chapter 97: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Overgeared will begin on the fifth day of the Satisfy International Competition. Greed and Yura will once again step into the battlefield. However, this time they will not play as a team. The next competitions are individual matches that will involve the PVP tournament and the pet marathon. The specifications of these rounds are not clear just yet. But it is confirmed that Greed already has a plan to beat the US Team. By the end of the previous chapter, Greed and Yura discussed that the US team would try to use as much time in the round to gain medals.

But Yura exclaims that they have made a miscalculation. To this, Greed replies that he knows exactly how to use this flaw in their favor. Thus, in Overgeared Chapter 97, the Korean Team will keep their eye on Aura Master and other US players during the match. The PVP tournament will be the first match where Yura will participate. It will be worth watching how the two teams perform in the games.

Overgeared Chapter 97

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 96th chapter of Overgeared began with Yura and Greed discussing the strategy for the fifth day of the competition. The PVP tournament and the pet marathon are individual matches. After they were done forging a plan, Greed left the room to get some fresh air. There, he was warmly greeted by fans and admirers who were praising his match against the US Team. Later on, Jishuka came to meet Greed. Their proximity made Yura jealous of the two.

Besides, when the team was enjoying their Korean dinner, Jishuka and Yura got into a row over who would sit besides Greed. Greed took the two to Jishuka’s house to get them some rest. They were warmly welcomed by the family there. The television began airing the stats of the International Satisfy Competition. Moreover, the program displayed the interview of the US champion where he said that Greed is many levels below him. The chapter ended with Greed smirking at the statement.

Overgeared Chapter 97

Overgeared Chapter 97: Release Date

Action and thrill are a staple for Overgeared manga now. Thus, the next chapter will also bring the same level of excitement to the floors. Overgeared Chapter 97 will release on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. Fans can find all the latest chapters of Korean manga only on the official website of Kakaopage. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more exciting news updates.