School Live Season 2: Renewal Soon? Will It Ever Return? Release Date!

Studio Lerche’s meo-horror anime was a treat for many otakus and became a fan-favorite as soon as right after its release. Even after five years, the popularity of the show is intact. Moreover, fans still expect Gakkou Gurashi to return for a second round. However, has the studio renewed it yet? Will School Live Season 2 ever make it to the screens? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

School-Live!, also known as Gakkou Gurashi, originated as a slice-of-life horror manga series written by Norimitsu Kaihō and illustrated by Sadoru Chiba. It began serialization back in 2012 and has been running for around eight years now. A total of twelve volumes have been launched so far, including the most recent one (Volumes 12) in January 2020. Impressed with the story, Studio Lerche picked up its anime adaptation. It debuted on Japanese television in July 2015 and aired for twelve episodes until September. A live-action film version of the manga premiered in January 2019.

School Live Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

The first season of School Live became an instant hit upon release. It received good reviews from critics and viewers both. In fact, the anime adaptation became popular enough to increase the sales of its manga to a large extent. Hence, naturally, fans assumed that a series as famous as Gakkou Gurashi is likely to get a renewal soon. Sadly, almost five years have passed, yet, Studio Lerche has not greenlit its second season.

School Live Season 2

Well, anime adaptations tend to act as mere advertisements to their source material. Hence, they are usually concluded after the first season, to compell anime viewers to read its source material if they want more content. This tends to happen a lot lately, and many anime with potential fall prey to this tactic. However, there are instances when studios renew sequels whenever the source material needs more promotion. As of now, the Gakkou Gurashi manga is still in the run. Thus, there’s still hope for School Live Season 2.

Is There Enough Content For Gakkou Gurashi Season 2?

Unlike original anime, adaptations are heavily dependant on their source material for content. Fortunately, School Live Season 2 does not have to worry about this matter. Firstly, even though the anime covers many chapters from the manga, it often went off the plot and featured original content as well. On the other hand, the first season only adapts until Volume 5 Chapter 30. Given that the manga already has twelve volumes, more than enough content is left for the sequel.

School Live Season 2

When Will School Live Season 2 Release?

As of now, none of the companies related to the production of this meo-horror anime have confirmed its renewal. Hence, fans might have to wait for a few years to get the green flag. Currently, a mid-2022 release date seems the most likely. We will update this section with the official School Live Season 2 premiere date as soon as it is announced.

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