Terra Formars Season 3: Canceled Or Renewed? Everything The Fans Should Know

It has been four years since Terra Formars: Revenge has ended. And now the fans are eagerly waiting for Terra Formars Season 3, especially after they got the glimpse of the upcoming arc in the form of OVA episodes. Its fans are getting curious to see the following installment of their favorite anime. So will it ever return? Here are all the latest details.    


Terra Formars is a Japanese action-fantasy anime series. It is the remake of the manga of the same title by Yu Sasuga. The anime series made its debut with an OVA episode, which aired on August 19, 2014. After few months after its release, the first season began airing on September 26, 2014 and ran for thirteen episodes. The second season of the show premiered in 2016, which also ran for the same number of episodes. 

Terra Formars Season 3

Terra Formars Season 3: Renewed? 

The fans last saw this anime back in 2018, when the makers released two OVA episodes. Ever since then, there is no news on the anime. The makers didn’t even cancel or renew Terra Formars Season 3 officially. So, the fans are still in the hope that it will return. The hiatus began with the health issues of the author of the manga series, Yu Sasuga. Back in 2017, he held the publishing of the manga for an indefinite period because of his health issues.  

Terra Formars Season 3

Do The Makers Have Enough Source Material?

After going on a hiatus, the manga returned in 2018 for its final run. The makers published two more volumes that year to conclude the show. The anime series only adapted eleven volumes of the manga series. And the makers have published a total of 22 volumes. And that means Liden Films, who produced the previous two seasons of the anime, have more than enough source material to create Terra Formars Season 3. They can make two more seasons of the anime easily with that much source material. 

Terra Formars Season 3v

Terra Formars Season 3: Will The Anime Ever Return? 

The debut installment of the anime show got a great response from the viewers. The critics also appreciated the show. However, its second season received quite the opposite response. The fans didn’t like the new tone and its anti-climactic ending.


Neither the viewers nor the critics responded positively to it. And that’s the main reason the makers decided not to produce Terra Formars Season 3 despite having a lot of source material. All the hopes for its return were gone with the conclusion of its manga series. Since now the anime does not have anything to promote, so it is very unlikely the makers will ever release its third season.