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Solo Leveling Chapter 159: Jin-Woo To Battle Three Monarchs! Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 is going to be really big as it will finally feature the most-anticipated battle among the monarchs. Sung Jin-Woo/Shadow Monarch will take on the Frost Monarch, Plague Monarch, and Beast Monarch at the same time. All three of them are among the strongest sovereigns. Therefore, it will not be easy for Sung Jin-Woo to defeat all three of them together at once.

He knows the odds but still came forward for this battle, so fans can expect him to have a trick under his sleeve. One thing is certain that we’ll get to see some really intense action in the upcoming chapter of the manhwa series. So, when will fans be able to get their hands on it? Here are all the latest details.

Solo Leveling Chapter 159

Solo Leveling Chapter 159: Plot Details

The next edition of the manhwa series will begin with the Frost Monarch bringing ice golems. At the same time, Plagues Frost will infect all the human corpses and take them under his control. Both these armies will surround Sung Jin-Woo. Therefore, he will use Kamish’s wrath to fight them off. Jin-Woo will try to charge towards the Frost Monarch directly. However, Beast Monarch will come in his way and block his path. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 will feature the Shadow Monarch cutting the wrist of Beast Monarch to put him out of commission for some time. After that, Plague Monarch will try to stop him. But he will show some impressive swordsmanship and stab in his heart. Later in that chapter, Beru manages to break the Frost prison and fight the Plague Monarch.

Solo Leveling Chapter 159

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 158th chapter of Solo Leveling, the viewers saw Beast Monarch getting furious after seeing humans messing up with him. All the hunters were glad that Sung Jin-Woo would be the one to fight this man. Later, Sung Jin-Woo and Frost Monarch meet each other in an intense battle. Jin-Woo hit the monarch on his shoulder with his dagger before he vanished. Later on, Plague Monarch and Beast Monarch also appeared and recognized Sung Jin-Woo as their enemy. Shadow Monarch told all three of them to come at once. Hence, he unleashed an army led by Beru to fight all three of them. By the end of this chapter, Sung Jin-Woo tells Forst Monarch that he would kill him personally.

Solo Leveling Chapter 159: Release Date

Fans of this manhwa series will get to read the new chapter only in a few days. Solo Leveling Chapter 159 is all set to release on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The fans might have to wait for a little extra to read the English translations of this chapter.