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Spy X Family Chapter 50: Rendezvous! Plot Details & Release Date

The interesting journey of Spy X Family continues, and it will become even more exciting in the upcoming chapters. By the end of the previous chapters, only 20 hours were left till the rendezvous. So, fans can finally expect to see it in Spy X Family Chapter 50. Anya and Loid are also worried that they haven’t heard from Yor in a long time. But Loid thinks that she must be very busy with her work.

Things are finally getting serious as the director of assassins is patrolling on the floor himself. He wants to reduce the number of enemies as much as possible before they make any move. Fans are very excited to see forthcoming events that will happen in the manga series. So, when will they be able to read it? Here is everything to know. 

Spy X Family Chapter 50

Spy X Family Chapter 50: Plot Details!

Yor began to get a mixed feeling about her job as she is concerned about Anya and Loid. She doesn’t want to get an injury serious enough that she won’t be able to explain it to her family. The director also sensed this and told her to stay focused or else everyone will die. In the next chapter, she might face some bad guys, and fans can expect to see her in action. Currently, she is guarding the room, but she will soon make a move. 

Spy X Family Chapter 50 might feature a face-off between the good and the bad guys. On the other hand, Loid will also do his work and protect Anya at the same time. There is a possibility that Yor’s mixed feelings get in the middle of her work. So, someone will get in trouble because of it.

Spy X Family Chapter 50

Previous Chapter Recap!

The fans were worried that they would see Loid in that funny avatar in the previous chapter, but fortunately, it didn’t happen. In the end, he didn’t buy anything. At the beginning of the last chapter, fans saw a guy who has the ability to smell anything out. He talked to his partner and asked whether he was able to pick anything on Yor. Loid is worried that Yor hasn’t returned yet. On the other hand, Yor met the director along with the couple in the room. The director told her to be careful as Yor didn’t recognize the secret and carelessly approached the door. 

Spy X Family Chapter 50

Spy X Family Chapter 50: Release Date

The next chapter of this detective drama is all set to come out this very week. They are curious to see Yor in action again. Spy X Family Chapter 50 will release on Sunday, July 25, 2021. Fans will be able to read the new chapter of this manga series on Viz Media.

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