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Takt Op Destiny Episode 2: Takt To End The D2 Clan! Release Date & Plot

Multiple shows are commencing stream this month. While some of the bigger names include Komi Can’t Communicate and Mushoku Tensei, the smaller banners are also surprising the audience with their unique concepts. One such new release is Takt Op Destiny. The first episode of the new action-adventure saga has already come out. So far, fans are loving the musical concept and Madhouse’s animation. Now, Takt Op Destiny Episode 2 will showcase more battles between D2 and Takt’s team. Here’s everything you need to know.

The next episode of Takt Op Destiny will deal with Takt’s new adventures to bring an end to the entire race of D2. In order to do this, the team must locate the breeding ground of these creatures. The black stones from which the monsters emerged are still missing. Hence, Takt and his team will search for the black stones and destroy them.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 2

Takt Op Destiny Episode 2: Plot Details

The next episode of Takt Op Destiny is titled “Music Reincarnation.” The entire concept of the show is based on music and art. Now, in the next episode, the team of these musical fighters will finally begin their journey towards the main base of the D2 breeding ground. Takt believes that destroying these colonies will bring an end to the growth of these creatures. But before they can locate the main cave, they will be welcomed by newer D2 monsters who want to destroy Takt’s superhero Destiny.

Thus, Takt Op Destiny Episode 2 will feature an epic bowl between new D2 monsters and the musical hero named Destiny. This time, the monsters might overpower the warrior in numbers. Hence, Takt will have to come up with newer techniques to instruct his heroine. The episode will end with Takt finding more about the origins and powers of D2 and other mutant creatures that evolved after the mysterious stones came to Earth.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 2

Previous Episode Recap!

The first episode of Takt Op Destiny sets the stage for an epic action saga of the future. The episode opened with a voiceover dictating the story of mysterious stones that emerged on Earth and called in monsters called D2. In the year 2047, the protagonist Takt comes across a piano in a public house. As he began playing it, a D2 arrived in the city center. Soon, Takt signaled the legendary hero Destiny to fight the monster. The battle commenced for a while, and D2 easily defeated the monster.

Later, Takt, Destiny, and his sister went to the diner to eat well after the battle. On the way, the team witnessed that there were many growing colonies of D2s in the town. Cosette suggested that they should finally commence the mission of eliminating all the monsters from the world. Thus, they began their long-stretched journey into the outskirts of the town to destroy the breeding grounds of D2.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 2

Takt Op Destiny Episode 2: Release Date

The second episode of Takt Op Destiny will make the picture clearer of where the team is heading for their next adventure. What are the new dangers that lie in the way of Takt and his team? Takt Op Destiny Episode 2 will release this Wednesday on October 13, 2021. The episodes will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.