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Tower Of God Chapter 515: Can Bam Win? Release Date & Plot Details

Tower of God manhwa has one of the unique concepts in any text. Every week, fans desperately wait for the next chapter. The last two weeks were a long wait for fans as the manga was on hiatus. However, the new chapter has arrived without a break this time. Tower Of God Chapter 515 will set the stage for Bam’s next battle. However, is it possible for him to fight in a frail state? Here is all you need to know.

In the forthcoming episode, Bam will step back into the battlefield after the previous loss. Even though he could defeat the White in the last round, he lost all his strength before ending the match. This was because of the energy overload in his body. Now, it will be interesting to see how he will retaliate in the next round. Can he recover from the loss?

Tower of God Chapter 515

Tower Of God Chapter 515: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Tower of God will look into Bam’s recovery from the injuries of the last match. During his battle against White, the man fainted because he consumed too much power. Right now, he is asleep in Khun’s lighthouse. The next chapter is set for a new battle for Bam. Asensio and White have already crossed the finish line together. This has resulted in Bam getting at the bottom of the line once again.

So, in Tower Of God Chapter 515, Bam will re-enter the battlefield and fight the next opponent. For now, it is not clear who is going to be his next opponent. However, Bam is going to face difficulty in the match as he has just recovered from a grave injury. Moreover, the chapter will also touch upon Hoaqin and Vicente’s next moves. Their presence in the match is surely going to bring chaos.

Tower of God Chapter 515

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 514th chapter focused on the match between Bam and White. Right at the beginning of the match, Bam was able to defeat his opponent. And so, he was also able to absorb all his powers also. However, his body could not contain as much power, and he fainted away. Thus, Khun had to take him back inside. As Bam healed in Khun’s lighthouse, the rest of the teammates made their way towards the chamber.

On the other hand, Hoaqin and Vicente had a conversation. They came to the conclusion that their blood carried their father’s strengths and wits. Later in the arena, Asensio arrived only to get into a battle with White. However, Whit argued that there was no point in arguing over the match. When the scoreboard came to their reference, they decided to cross the finish line together.

Tower Of God Chapter 515: Release Date

Bam’s victory in the match is still not confirmed. But the release of the next outing is out for sure. So, Tower Of God Chapter 515 is scheduled to release this Sunday on October 31, 2021. Based on time variance, the chapter may release on the next day in some regions. The chapter will be available on the official website of WEBTOON. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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