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Tower Of God Season 2: When Will It Release? Latest Updates!

Tower Of God Season 2 is definitely one of the most anticipated sequels right now. Its first season impressed the viewers last year, and now everyone is getting desperate to see more of this show. The manhwa readers waited for an entire decade to see the anime adaptation of the series, and now they don’t want to go through any hiatus. So, has the studio renewed the second season yet? Here are all the latest details.

Tower Of God, also known as Kami no Tou in Japanese, is a dark fantasy action anime series. It is the remake of SIU’s manhwa series of the same title. Telecom Animation Film animated the first installment of this show. The anime premiered back in April 2020 and ran for thirteen episodes before ending in June 2020. Since then, everyone is waiting for the announcement of its second season.

Tower Of God Season 2

Anime Compared To The Manhwa Series

Kami no Tou manhwa series began to publish way back in 2010. The publishers started to collect its individual chapters to sell it as compiled volume back in 2019. They have only released six volumes of the manhwa so far, but a lot more chapters are still out there. The anime remained faithful to the manhwa, but its pacing was a bit fast. It also changed the art style in several places. However, it didn’t make any significant change. The first adopted a total of 78 chapters. On the other hand, the manhwa has more than 450 chapters.

Therefore, TAF studio still has a lot of content to use in Tower Of God Season 2. They can even make three more installments of the anime with the remaining source material. 

Tower Of God Season 2

Tower Of God Season 2: Renewal Status!

The first season of the anime also made several records and reached heights of success, just like its manhwa series. It got a positive response from the critics and the viewers alike. The show even holds a good score of 7.61 on MyAnimeList. Plus, the anime is crazy popular due to the manhwa. It is ranked at #200 in popularity on MAL and has a total of almost 350K members in its group. These numbers are definitely impressive and good enough to convince the producers to renew the show. Also, there is plenty of content left to adopt in the sequel as well.

Therefore, Tower Of God Season 2 will certainly happen as canceling it might cause a backlash from its fans. Besides, the makers already made a lot of profit from this show, and they certainly won’t mind making money from it again. 

Tower Of God Season 2

Tower Of God Season 2: Release Date

There is a possibility that the makers delayed the renewal of this show because of the global pandemic and will give the green light to the series this very year. If this happens, the show will return after one and a half or two years as its production is lengthy. Therefore, the fans can expect Tower Of God Season 2 to premiere sometime in 2023. 

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