Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2: Will The Series Return This Year?

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2 is one of the most-awaited romance anime series. Its debut season was really impressive, and the fans loved the simple and fine approach of it. The transition from one fine moment to another was very subtle, and in between these transitions, the characters steadily form romantic relationships. The anime series gave its viewers warm, sentimental feelings with a pinch of reality—no wonder why they are getting desperate to see more of it. 

Tsuki ga Kirei, aka As The Moon, So Beautiful, is a Japanese romance anime series. Feel Studio produced this 12-episode anime series which has an original story. This anime premiered on April 7, 2017, and ran till June 30, 2017. After its completion, the makers released a Special episode as well, which has 27 extra scenes. Since then, everyone is waiting for the anime to return. So, will it ever happen? Keep reading to know. 

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2: Renewal Status!

Feel Studio adapted the original story to produce this show. The anime series stands out in every single aspect, from its storyline, character development, and soundtracks. Everything about this show is simple yet intriguing. As a result, it got a tremendous response from the viewers. Despite that, the makers and the production company are yet to renew the show for its second season. Fans are getting desperate for Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2, but the makers are pretty tight-lipped about it. Besides, their silence is making the fans even more impatient regarding the series’ future. 

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2

As The Moon, So Beautiful: Plot Details!

The anime series follows the story of Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno. They became third-year students and classmates for the very first time. They were in charge of equipment. During these, they became closer via an app known as LINE. Along with fellow students Chinatsu Nishio and Takumi Hira, these two compare to their rivals through mutual thoughts and feelings. As their last year at junior high school advances, the group overcomes their challenges to mature and become aware of changes in themselves. By the end of the series, Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno eventually go to college together. They move into a residence in adulthood, and in the end, are married with a child. The series had a perfect finale and as far as the story is concerned, there is no need for Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2.

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2: Will The Anime Return?

The inaugural season of the anime series met with a great critical reception. All of its reviews are great, and it holds a solid score of 8.17 on MAL as well. The concept is fresh with a unique art style, despite all that its sequel never happen. Moreover, the main reason behind this is the conclusion of its story. The debut installment concluded the story and closed the book between the protagonists. Therefore, for making Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2, the makers have to write the story again from scratch, and that too with new characters. It is likely that it won’t happen as the creators won’t want to ruin the perfect ending of its first installment.