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13 Weakest Super Saiyans In Dragon Ball | The Anime Daily

This is our list of the Weakest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball. The Saiyan race has been dominating the Universe of Dragon Ball ever since. The series features many warriors that have set the bar of power high up. With the protagonists, Goku and Vegeta, being the strongest Super Saiyans of all time, they seriously have strong competition up ahead. However, this is not the case with every Saiyan that exists.

Over time, there have been many members of the Saiyan clan that don’t match the abilities of their peers. Today, we will list all the Super Saiyans who couldn’t simply make it to the league of strong Warriors. So, without any further ado, here is a list of the Weakest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball.

1. Super Fu & Super Mira

Fu and Mira appear only for a short period of time in the original Dragon Ball series. However, their Super Saiyan form is so bad that even this small appearance keeps them relevant. The Demonic robots are neither proper Saiyans nor human beings. Thus, their Super Saiyan form is eclampsia attempts to boost powers. But it does nothing but transforms them into horrible-looking villains.

13 Weakest Super Saiyans

2. Nappa

Nappa was a friend and a close companion of Vegeta in his villainous days. While Nappa did project a personality of a strong warrior, he was not even powerful enough to defend from Earth’s mighty heroes. In the end, Vegeta charged a blow right through Nappa because he was an embarrassment to the Saiyan race. Thus, we put him on this list of Weakest Super Saiyans.

13 Weakest Super Saiyans

3. Turles

A character that shows up recently in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series is Turles. He is described more as a rip-off of the original protagonist, Goku. We might look and act like Goku, but he is not half as strong as the Super Saiyan. Neither have we seen Turles power up into any jaw-dropping form. Hence, just copying a strong warrior is not enough to gain respect, one must strive to become like them.


4. Bardock

While the Super Saiyan form of Bardock was strong enough, it was not something we had not seen before. Even a young Goten can acquire the basic Super Saiyan form. So, for a warrior like Bardock to stick to the ground level seems like an injustice to the fans. Yes, Bardock’s Super Saiyan was powerful, but it lacks the X-Factor! Thus, we place him on the fourth spot on this list of the Weakest Super Saiyans.


5. Raditz

The only reason Raditz gets to be a part of this list is that he left the franchise very early. Thus, we never really got to see his potentials. His oy Super Saiyan form was also not impressive enough. He is certainly a strong fighter, but not as strong as other fighters that we have seen in the series. Hence, we can safely place Raditz on the fifth spot in our list of the Weakest Super Saiyans.

13 Weakest Super Saiyans

6. Goku Jr.

We have seen Goku evolve from an amateur fighter to the strongest Super Saiyan alive. The seeds of this were sown early in Goku’s childhood. The glimpses of Goku Jr. were also there in Dragon Ball GT that shows the young child transforming into a Super Saiyan. Even though this Super Saiyan was a weaker form, it already too much to expect from a child. While we can say that Goku Junior’s Super Saiyan was one of the weakest, but he was massively strong for his age. Thus, we give Goku Jr. the sixth spot on this list.

Goku Jr.

7. Fasha

Going back to Bardock’s era, Fasha was a warrior who fought bravely during the rise of Frieza. However, after the destruction of Planet Vegeta, it was evident that none of the members of Bardock’s team were strong Saiyans. Likewise, Fasha couldn’t even take down Frieza’s minions, let alone the villain. Hence, Fasha can be called one of the weakest Saiyans of all time.

13 Weakest Super Saiyans

8. Onio

For a start, Onio is not necessarily a mainstream Dragon Ball character. He appears in a spin-off series by Akira Toriyama. We recommend you check out the fights of Onio in the Neko Majin Z manga if you want to have a laugh. Well, Onio is an arrogant fighter who believes he has all the power in this world. He once turns into a Super Saiyan form only to charge blows that are unintentionally funny. Thus, Onio gets to be a contender in this list of the Weakest Super Saiyans.


9. Gine

Many fans are not aware of who was Goku’s mother. Yes, it was Gine. Even though Gine had all the genes of a super-powerful Saiyan, she never really had the motivation to become a fighter. She was more of a family person, and she dedicated her life to serving the community. Moreover, she was a weak fighter in combat. Thus, we can place her on the ninth spot on this list.


10. Tarble

Vegeta’s brother might have the blood of an original Saiyan, but he never trains this potential to acquire greater forms. Well, Tarble only made a small appearance in a DB spin-off series that is enough to prove that the Saiyan is not strong enough to join the league of Z Warriors. We hope to see a more powerful Tarble in the coming seasons of DBS.

13 Weakest Super Saiyans

11. Future Trunks

We know many readers will troll us for adding Future Trunks to this list but read the justification first. Yes, Future Trunks goes on to become Earth’s only protector, and he was indeed strong. But this list concerns Super Saiyan forms. When Future Trunks was up against Imperfect Cell, he transformed into Ultra Super Saiyan. What followed was a clumsy fight where Trunks fails miserably even to control his powers. Thus, the Ultra Super Saiyan Future Trunks joins the list of the Weakest Super Saiyans form.

Future Trunks

12. Vegeta Jr.

Whatever we said for Goku Jr. stands true for Vegeta Jr. as well. The future warrior was born in royalty amongst the strongest of the Saiyan race. Vegeta was bound to be a champion, and it’s not surprising that he was a Super Saiyan since childhood. In fact, it is common for the children of Planet Vegeta to practice Super Saiyan forms. Even though his Super Saiyan was not nearly strong as his present form, it was too strong for his fickle body.

13 Weakest Super Saiyans

13. Pinich & Tekka

So, Pinich and Tekka are Dragon Ball Fusions’ original characters. Fans still question the existence of these characters. Neither do they have likable personalities and nor are their Super Saiyan forms powerful enough to exist. Nonetheless, Pinich and Tekka are by far the most annoying Saiyans in this category. Thus, we place them on the thirteenth spot on this list of the Weakest Super Saiyans.

13 Weakest Super Saiyans

With Pinich and Tekka, we can conclude our list of the Weakest Super Saiyans. Do you agree with our rankings? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. For more such listicles on Dragon Ball, The Anime Daily is your place.

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