Wonder Egg Priority Special Edition Episode To Be 1-Hour Long! Release Date

The release date of Wonder Egg Priority Episode 13, officially known as Wonder Egg Priority Special Edition Episode, is finally out. It will resolve the cliffhanger ending of the 12th episode and tie the loose ends. The great thing is that the upcoming episode will 1-hour long, including commercials, which means it will be equal to two episodes.


It will serve as the first season finale of WEP. It was one of the most successful shows released earlier this year. The show faced several production delays, but now it is finally set to air its Season 1 finale, and that too in the form of a special episode. So, when will the viewers see the 13th episode of the anime? Here are all the latest details.

Wonder Egg Priority Special Edition Episode: Official Trailer!

The special edition episode is all set to come along with the third and the final BD volume. As a result, the makers released a trailer to increase the hype among the fans. However, the trailer of WEP Episode 13 is quite intense and hints that all the loose threads of this show will be tied in it. It seems like Sawaki will take the place of the main protagonist of the series in the final episode. Wonder Egg Priority Episode 13 will also solve all the mysteries and reveals the reason why Koito committed suicide.


The final episode of the popular anime will feature shocking things as the story marches forward. Fans can expect the thirteenth episode to be the most intense one of this show. 

Will There Be A Sequel?

Since the twelfth episode came out earlier this year in March, fans have been asking about the second season of this show. The official website of the series already stated that the special edition episode would conclude the story of the four girls. Its trailer is also hinting at the same. It seems like there will be no room left for Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 after its special edition episode. WEP is an original anime series, so it doesn’t have any source material to follow as well. Therefore, it is likely that the creators will reveal the fate of the series after the release of its forthcoming episode. 

Wonder Egg Priority Special Edition Episode

Wonder Egg Priority Special Edition Episode: Release Date


Fans don’t have to wait for very long as the last episode of the anime series will release this very month. It will resolve all the cliffhangers and brings closure to the anime’s story. Hence, Wonder Egg Priority Special Edition Episode is all set to release on Tuesday, July 29, 2021. The audience will be able to stream it on Hulu and Funimation.