Best Anime Like Black Butler That You Should Miss At No Cost!

Black Butler came out in the year 2008, and since then, its popularity is rising exponentially. The popular anime follows the regular lives of Ciel Phantomhive and his demonic companion- the Black Butler. With his cunning and wits, the butler helps the thirteen-year-old to solve the crime mysteries of London. If dark stories are your go-to, then check out this list before going for a suitable option. Today, we have hand-picked some of the Best Anime Like Black Butler.

Demon Slayer

The first name on this list of the Best Anime Like Black Butler is a 2019 show by Studio Ufotable. Yes, we are talking about Demon Slayer. The anime is easily one of the best projects that have come out of the production company in recent years. With the massive success of the feature film, the anime has gained an even higher viewership. Its story revolves around a young Tanjiro Kamado who is looking for a demon who has turned his sister into a monster. Only the originator can turn the monster back to the human form. Will Nezuko gain back her human form? Watch Demon Slayer to find out!

Best Anime Like Black Butler


The Revisions anime series first came out in the year 2019, and since then, it has gained a loyal fanbase. The action thriller by Studio Shirogumi tells the story of a futuristic Japan where a team of orphans is fighting a mysterious villain who calls himself Revisions. We get to meet Shibuya, who was abducted by a secret organization in his infancy. Brought up in a dangerous environment, he is now ready to combat the most lethal threats of all. Will Shibuya and his team stop this grand time heist caused by Revisions? The answer lies in the season finale!


Death Note

If you have been a fan of gritty arcs and detective mysteries, then Death Note is nothing short of a treat for you. Ever since the show came out in the year 2006, the world of anime got a serious competition to beat. The story takes us to the present world of Japan that is facing a threat in the form of an unknown villain named Kira. However, little does the Japanese authorities know that the villain killing all of the criminals is none other than the son of the chief Interpol officer.

The thrill of finding Kira and executing him makes up for the plot of Death Note. There are many scenes in Death Note that will remind you of the gritty arcs from Black Butler.

Death Note

Future Dairy

The next name on this list of the Best Anime Like Black Butler is a crime thriller that came out at the helm of the past decade, Future Dairy. Credit where credit is due, Studio Asread has certainly outdone itself through this one. The story follows a young high school boy Yukiteru Amano who has been spending a lot of time over a virtual diary. One day, the God of time and space contacts him to assign a mission. This task follows the murder of eleven users of the same diary.

These villains have no means to help humanity using the future diary. Thus, Amano must eliminate them all. Do watch Future Dairy if action and thrillers are your staple watch.

Best Anime Like Black Butler


For the next one, let us take a trip back to the 90s when children saw the concept of ninja for the first time. Yes, we are talking about Naruto. Despite the fact the Naruto anime series has more than a thousand episodes, it still happens to be one of the most-watched shows of all time. Now, the story follows the titular orphan boy who wants to find his own place in life. But in order to do so, Naruto must become the best ninja warrior in his village. Watch how this ignorant boy becomes an idol for many like him!

Best Anime Like Black Butler


The next name on this list of the Best Anime Like Black Butler is the 2019 dark fantasy anime Dororo. So, the show follows the story of the titular character who is helping ronin to reverse the curse that was put on him at a very young age. Because of this curse, the ronin does not have any body parts or organs. Thus, Dororo and Hyakkimaru set out on an adventurous quest to look for the body parts of the cursed man. Do watch Dororo because the show offers a shocking revelation by the end of the season finale.



The vampire trope is easily one of the most successful genres of filmmaking in recent times. The massive success of the Castlevania franchise is an example of this. So, the story of this vampire saga follows a Dracula who has pledged to destroy all of the human race. This traces back to an incident that kills his wife. Now, Dracula finds humans responsible for this incident. Follow the story of vengeance and revenge as a grieving man is looking for justice in the face of humanity.

Best Anime Like Black Butler

Fairy Gone

The last name on this list of the Best Anime Like Black Butler is Fairy Gone. The 2019 show tells the story of a world that is recovering from the wounds of a gruesome war. The new ruler is the most power-hungry man that the world has seen. Hence, in the quest to maintain order in the world, the new ruler is injecting the soldiers with a supernatural serum that comes from Fairy magic. Will these soldiers become a part of the injustice? Or will they fight for the right and defy their master? Watch Fairy Gone to find out yourself.

fairy gone

With Fairy Gone, we have come to the conclusion of this list of the Best Anime Like Black Butler. Which of these shows have you watched already? What is your personal review of Black Butler? Please let us know your thoughts about the same in the comment box below. Lastly, for more such exciting listicles, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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