9 Best Anime Like Death Note To Watch If You Can’t Get Over Light & L!

This is our list of the 9 Best Anime Like Death Note. If you go around and ask any otaku about which was the first anime that they watched, the common answer would be Death Note. The 2006 cult classic happens to be the gateway anime for many people. For a start, the show is short as it only has one season. Next, the series has one of the best-written screenplays that you’ll ever come across. And lastly, the content is king!

Death Note follows the plot that will keep you up until you finally reach its conclusion. But is there a show that can match the same level? Well, the answer is both yes and no. There are some shows that vaguely resemble the themes of Death Note. So, without any further ado, here is a list of the 9 Best Anime Like Death Note.

Death Parade

The first name on the list of Best Anime like Death Note is the thriller that is grim and dark in all forms. This story also introduces us to a character that does not shy away from killing innocents. The plot revolves around a bartender that works at the helm of hell and heaven. Well, the godly authorities have given him the task of deciding people’s fate in the afterlife. The way one plays the tricks with the bartender decides where they will go, hell or heaven. If you thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth between L and Light in Death Note, then you will indeed love watching Death Parade.

9 Best Anime Like Death Note

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul has been making it to the news ever since it has been airing on the television screens. The story became famous for its visuals and simplistic yet astonishing plot. Well, the story follows a young yet naive Ken Kenaki who lives in the main city of Tokyo. There, the race of ghouls is finally coming up from the underground. One such ghoul bites Ken and injects him with the ghoul blood. But what follows next will shock you. We don’t want to spoil your watching experience by revealing the truth. So, do watch Tokyo Ghoul find out what happens to Ken after the events that night.

9 Best Anime Like Death Note

Black Butler

A detective story that is dark and full of mystery is Black Butler. The story of Ciel Phantomhive follows a demonic Butler who is his best companion. The real story begins when Ciel’s parents bargain him to Satan for a bunch of possessions. But the little boy finds this deal suspicious. Thus, he asks the devil for a butler who can help him solve the mystery of the deal that his parents cracked.

9 Best Anime Like Death Note

Detective Conan

The next name in this list of the 9 Best Anime Like Death Note is the daily adventures of the prodigal detective. Inspired from the original works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyal, Detective Conan follows the titular character who goes around solving complicated cases in his school. However, the new mystery in front of him is something that he has not encountered ever in his life. Do watch Detective Conan if the case-solving arc of Death Note intrigued you.

9 Best Anime Like Death Note


The Revisions anime series first came out in the year 2019. Since then, the show has been gaining massive popularity for its brilliant writing and amazing visuals. The story follows Daisuke Dojima, who finds himself a part of mysterious happenings involving complicated time travel events. A villain, Revisions, is behind one of the most dangerous time heists of all time. Now, Daisuke and his team of newbies must stop time from entangling into an apocalypse.


Ergo Proxy

A recurring name in The Anime Daily listicles is the 2006 Manglobe Product Ergo Proxy. The story is set in a world where humans have developed enough humanoid robots to help them in living a comfortable life. As time passes, the robots realize that their existence is a mere service to human society. Thus, they call rebellion upon their masters. In the same chain, Re-I Mayer is part of the authorities who are investigating the plans of these hybrid beings to call off any war before it begins.

9 Best Anime Like Death Note

Jujutsu Kaisen

The recent anime, Jujutsu Kaisen, has been winning all hearts since the first release is Jujutsu Kaisen. Enter the fun world of Yuuji Itadori, who is a gifted fighter. Unaware of his own potential, Yuuji defeats a demon without shedding a drop of blood. The Jujutsu High Academy is impressed by his talent and thus gives him admission to the esteemed institution. This is where the real fun and adventures begin. New demons and techniques enter the picture, and it’s only a roller coaster ride for us.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Mob Psycho 100

In the final and concluding arc of Death Note, we meet L’s acquaintance and companion, Near. Many fans believe that this character was one of the most well-written of them all. Now, if you have seen Mob Psycho 100, you’ll find keen similarities between Mob and Near. The story of a silent prodigy who is working on a single goal is a commonality between the two shows. Do not miss Mob Psycho 100 at any cost!

9 Best Anime Like Death Note


The last name on this list of the 9 Best Anime like Death Note is yet another complicated story that sets the normalcy of the world at stake. While in Death Note, Kira’s idea of justice spreads fear in a peaceful Japan, the time-traveling abilities of Satoru in Erased messes the timeline of the entire world. Now, it is his job to set things right and restore the right flow of time. Do watch Erased if you loved the back and forth of the authorities and the grey protagonist.


With this, we can conclude our list of the 9 Best Anime Like Death Note. Please share your review of Death Note with us in the comment box below. Which of these shows have you watched already? Tell us in the comments down below. For more such exciting listicles, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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