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13 Best Apocalypse Anime To Deal With Pandemic | The Anime Daily

Since humanity itself is in the midst of a pandemic, it is elementary to relate to anime shows based on the apocalypse themes. While we won’t ever hope to reach the extents of devastations that are commonly seen in anime, it is always fun to watch an alternate end to any universe. Hence, today, we’ll be listing some of the Best Apocalypse Anime series of all time.

Apart from popular isekai shows, the apocalypse genre is also very prevalent in anime. Today, we will list all such shows that depict the world after an apocalypse in no particular order. Moreover, the reason for the apocalypse could be anything from a virus outbreak to even a zombie war.

1. Humanity Has Declined

The first name on this list of the Best Apocalypse anime is the 2012 show Humanity Has Declined. AIC A.S.T.A. Studios is the creator of the 12-episode series. The story of the show revolves around humanity as their apocalyptic days are near enough. However, the fairies are the only resort for them to save their race. Will the fairies help humans in exchange for a huge price? Watch the show to find out.

IMDb: 7.3/10

MyAnimeList: 7.8/10

13 Best Apocalypse Anime

2. Desert Punk

Anime Desert Punk is a post-apocalyptic show that came out back in 2004. Gonzo Studio animated this 24-episode comedy anime. The premise of the series is set around the titular character of Desert Punk. He roams around the ruins of Japan, helping people with his sorcery and magic. While the concept of the show is primarily dark, the screenplay and writing are light-hearted and fun. Do watch Desert Punk if you are looking for a fun watch.

IMDb: 7.3/10

MyAnimeList: 7.4/10

Desert Punk

3. Darling In The Franxx

The third name on this list of the Best Apocalypse Anime shows is the recent release- Darling in the Franxx. The anime series just came out in 2018 with its inaugural season. The plot follows a post-apocalyptic world where monsters have overtaken humanity. Only a small community of warriors remain who can defend the human race. Now, Franxx robots are their last straw in order to save humanity. Thus, a brutal war begins.

IMDb: 7.4/10

MyAnimeList: 7.3/10

Daring In The Franxx

4. Fist Of The North Star

Let’s go back in time to find out more about the next anime. Fist Of The North Star is one of the oldest anime series out there. The show was released in 1984 with almost 109 episodes. Toei Animation is behind the productions of this classic. Moreover, the story revolves around the dangers that humanity faces against the personal interests of a dangerous villain. The identities of the hero and villain will ruin your watching experience. So, try to watch as many episodes as possible to join the Fist Of The North Star fandom.

IMDb: 8.3/10

MyAnimeList: 8.1/10

13 Best Apocalypse Anime

5. High School Of The Dead

A decade-old anime that follows the path of the classic post-apocalyptic world storyline is High School of The Dead. Studio Madhouse created this one-season anime series that ran during 2010. The premise of HSD revolves around a zombie apocalypse that breaks out in the world. A deadly virus is turning humanity into flesh-eating zombies. Now, a batch of high school students must protect themselves and humankind from the dangers of the virus. Do try out this short watch of twelve episodes because HSD is pretty much a classic.

IMDb: 7.2/10

MyAnimeList: 7.1/10

Highschool Of The Dead

6. Guilty Crown

Another decade-old anime that joins the list of the Best Apocalypse Anime is Guilty Crown. The story of Guilty Crown is set in a dystopian future where a virus outbreak is on the rise. In the midst of all of this, high schooler Shu Ouma acquires a mysterious superpower that makes him the government’s biggest enemy. Thus, he finds shelter with a revolutionary organization that is fighting to overthrow the current system. You will definitely enjoy watching Guilty Crown if you are a fan of The Hunger Games series.

IMDb: 7.1/10

MyAnimeList: 7.5/10

Guilty Crown

7. Black Bullet

The next name on this list is Black Bullet. The 13-episode show is based on the manga of the same name by Shiden Kanzaki and Morinohon. Kinema Citrus and Orange Studios are the creators of the anime adaptation. The plot of Black Bullet traces the same virus outbreak plot as the previous two shows. Here, the virus only affects the sanity of women. Thus, a team of operation specialists is tasked to investigate the origins of this deadly virus. Hence, Black Bullet is one unique show that deserves applause for sheer experimentation.

IMDb: 6.9/10

MyAnimeList: 7.1/10

Black Bullet

8. Dr. Stone

The Dr. Stone anime series is a very recent show on this list. This franchise only has two single-season anime series. Both of them were created by TMS/8PAN Studios and became immensely popular globally. In fact, the recent 2021 outing of the show was definitely one of the best we saw this year. The story of Dr. Stone is set in the stone age, where all humans are in the stone form for the last 3700 years. Only the prodigal Senku Ishigami is able to reverse this curse. But his actions have grave repercussions as the dark force wants to bring back the status quo. Lastly, do watch Dr. Stone, sheerly for its incredible visuals.

IMDb: 8.2/10

MyAnimeList: 8.3/10

Dr. Stone

9. The Promised Neverland

The immensely popular anime series The Promised Neverland is a single-season venture by CloverWorks studio that came out in 2019. The show recently concluded its final episodes in March 2021. The plot is set in a mysteriously secluded orphanage where the children are curious to visit the outside world. One fine day, they break all the rules and rush to the exterior grounds. What follows is a bone-chilling tale of bravery and thrill. Hence, The Promised Neverland will definitely become of your favorite shows once you binge this one.

IMDb: 8.5/10

MyAnimeList: 8.3/10

13 Best Apocalypse Anime

10. Coppelion

The Coppelion anime series is a GoHands Productions project that released its inaugural episode in October 2013. The story of the show is set in the city of Tokyo after a nuclear attack. The government approves three girls with artificial superpowers to clean up the town from contamination. Thus, their real purpose comes into play. While the authorities are happy with their work, no one is thinking about the plight of the girls. Hence, they all decide to make people realize their sacrifices. Well, even though the ratings of this one are low compared to others, it surely puts something new on the table and is an interesting watch.

IMDb: 6.1/10

MyAnimeList: 6.5/10

13 Best Apocalypse Anime

11. From The New World

Much before the anime came out, From The New World was a very popular post-apocalyptic novel by Yusuke Kishi. The 25-episode show came out in October 2013. The plot of From The New World follows a futuristic setup where everyone has the ability of telekinesis. The people of the future believe that their world is a utopian one. But their dark pasts lurk in soon as they must set things right before the apocalypse hits again. Thus, FTNW is definitely a must-watch for all otakus out there.

IMDb: 8/10

MyAnimeList: 8.3/10

13 Best Apocalypse Anime

12. Sound of the Sky

On the twelfth spot on this list of the Best Apocalypse Anime shows is the 2010 series Sound of the Sky. A-1 Pictures is the creator of this original piece. The plot of Sound of the Sky follows young Kanata Sorami, who badly wants to join the military services because of the free food and shelter. Since they are in living in a war-ridden country, the military is her last straw for survival. Moreover, this anime series will give you flashbacks from Grave of the Fireflies as this one also dissects the aftermaths of war very realistically.

IMDb: 7/10

MyAnimeList: 7.6/10

13 Best Apocalypse Anime

13. Chrome Shelled Regios

The last name on this list is the January 2010 series Chrome Shelled Regios. Studio Zexcs is the creator behind this world. The premise is based around humanity that is struggling to fight its own alternate universe. Likewise, a failure of an experiment leads to a world where machines start ruling. Moreover, the only thing that can save humans is the destruction of their own universe which is next to impossible.

IMDb: 7.2/10

MyAnimeList: 7.3/10

13 Best Apocalypse Anime

So, with Chrome Shelled Regional, we can conclude our list of the 13 Best Apocalypse Anime shows of all time. What are your thoughts about the rankings? Did we miss any other popular show? Let us know in the comment box below. Lastly, for more such listicles on anime, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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