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Black Clover Chapter 308: New Plot Details Tease Yuno’s Revival! Release Date

Last week when fans were expecting a new chapter of Black Clover in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, all they found was a hiatus update from the makers. While the reason for the abrupt break was not mentioned, the makers did give out the next release date of the chapter. In the previous chapter, Zenon traded his soul for the powers of a demon. This turned out to be a huge leap for Yuno and Langris. None of them could even touch Zenon after his powers upgraded. So, what will happen next in Black Clover Chapter 308? Here is all you need to know.

In the forthcoming chapter, Yuno will look back upon his life and demand to find the reason behind this weakness. Ever in his life, he never felt lost or defeat, even in front of the strongest warriors. This introspection will lead him to correct the gravest mistake that he had been making for the longest time.

Black Clover Chapter 308

Black Clover Chapter 308: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Black Clover is titled “Yuno Grinberryall.” The official plot details of the chapter suggest that Zenon will continue to crush and smash the Clover Knights for the first three pages. As Yuno gets thrashed into the walls and the floor, he will introspect upon his life journey. He will recall the days when he was considered to be the best warrior of his village. All the words of appreciation would come to his mind that his peers said. He will also remember Asta and his team, which used to be weaker than during the training.

All this will make Yuno cry. But, as tears roll down his eyes, he will see another ray of hope in the belief that he can still be as strong as he was during his childhood. Yuno will realize that he has always been using the elf magic instead of his genetic bounding- Grimoire. In Black Clover Chapter 308, as he gets his second Grimoire, he will stand up against Zenon once again.

Black Clover Chapter 308

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 307th chapter of Black Clover, fans saw the past story of Zenon. Of the three members of the Triad, Zenon was the coldest towards empathy. During the battle, Beezlebub noticed that Zenon was losing his grip on the battle. Thus, he offered him the powers of a demon in return for his soUnfortunately, ul. Zenon was so poured in ego that he overlooked the consequences of this trade. As his soul went into Beezlebub’s hands, he turned into a demonic being. Yuno tried to attack him with an arrow.

But it slightly missed the heart and pierced his arm. Enraged by the interruption, Zenon threw Langris towards the wall and attacked Yuno. As he caught Yuno and brought him closer, Yuno seized the moment to pierce his heart. However, his plan failed miserably. Like Langris, he also got thrown towards the wall and injured his arms and torso.

Black Clover Chapter 308
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Black Clover Chapter 308: Release Date

After last week’s abrupt delay, the latest chapter of Black Clover is all set to hit the screens very soon. Yuno’s fate is in the hands of the demon Zenon. If he survives this attack, he will be named the bravest Clover Knight of all time. So, Black Clover Chapter 308 will release this weekend on October 10, 2021. Fans can expect to find the chapter on the official website of Viz media. Stay tuned for more updates.