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Tower Of God Chapter 512: Rak Vs. Hockney! Plot & Release Date

The Tower of God Korean manga is currently dealing with an intense series of matches. While the audience in the arena enjoys the action, the readers also look forward to the new developments in the tournament. In the previous chapter, the battle between Bam and White turned into an unexpected event. Bam had almost ensured victory by bringing Silverfish into the frame. However, their plans were spoiled by the mysterious invader who took away White. In Tower Of God Chapter 512, Rak and Hockney will commence their battle. Here is all you need to know about the next outing.

In the upcoming chapter, the battle between Rak and Hockney will commence. Before facing one another, Rak would try to show off his gear to the opponent. He will announce that he specially brought the new weapons to win this match. His new gear includes the Summon Spearbearer and the Ancient Spear Carrier.

Tower Of God Chapter 512

Tower Of God Chapter 512: Plot Details

The next chapter of Tower of God is likely to deal with the battle between Rak and Hockney. After the confusing end to the bowl between Bam and White, the audience in the match is expecting epic action from these two players. However, it was noted that Crab was ready to eat almost anything and anyone during the battle. Thus, before commencing their battle, Hockney and Rak will try to take down this creature.

Besides the two, Crab is also a strong opponent to face. These opponents will have to try to work as a team and take down Crab. Later, Tower Of God Chapter 512 will commence the match between the two. In the match, Rak will use the new weapons that he brought to use in the match. This gear will include Summon Spearbearer and the Ancient Spear Career.

Tower of God Chapter 512

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 511th chapter of Tower Of God, the battle between Bam and White continued. Bam announced that he had been well-versed with White’s battle techniques. Thus, he cannot outsmart him. On the other hand, Nanatao wanted to confirm if Khoon was, in fact, the lost child of the Khoon Family. He revealed that such investigations could be done later. For now, he only wanted them to help him in saving his friends. Thus, they began their mission. When he entered the battle arena, he saw Bam losing his grip over the match.

Khoon decided to help him out. He noticed that the only way they could defeat White was taking down the Silverfish that was charging White’s powers. As Silverfish entered the arena, White began to feel the heat. Amid the chaos, Bam devoured his powers. Suddenly, an invader entered the match and announced that he wouldn’t allow them to take Khoon’s powers. The chapter ended with the beginning of the battle between Rak and Kaiser.

Tower of God Chapter 512

Tower Of God Chapter 512: Release Date

After a long wait, fans can finally enjoy the newest chapter of ToG. In the battle between Rak and Hockney, who will come out victorious? Whose gear is the strongest amongst the two? The next outing will answer all the queries. So, Tower Of God Chapter 512 will release this weekend on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Fans can read all the chapters of the popular Korean manga on the official website of Webtoon, both in Korean and in English. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.