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Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 3: Elle Finds The Truth! Release Date

Blade Runner Black Lotus anime is catching all the eyeballs. Within just two episodes, the series has been able to garner a huge audience for itself. In the story so far, fans are only introduced to the primary conflicts and the characters of the story. Elle is the protagonist of the story who is struggling to find the truth about her identity. However, the horrors of her past keeping coming back. In Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 3, she will come to terms with her reality. Here is all you need to know about the episode.

In the upcoming episode, fans can expect to see some grave revelations from Elle’s past. After killing the Bannister in broad daylight, she has come under the radar of the authorities. This means that she will be under the hunt. On the other, the senior authorities are also hiding grave secrets from the people. The next episode will possibly drop the curtains from all of it.

Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 3

Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 3: Plot Details!

The upcoming episode of Blade Runner Black Lotus is titled “The Human Condition.” By the end of the previous episode, Joseph had shot a bullet straight through Elle’s heart. The episode ended at this cliffhanger. The plot details of the second episode suggest that Joseph’s actions were only a part of a bigger plan. He saved her from the authorities by making her unconscious. Later, he will take her back to a safehouse. J will try to clarify all the mysteries to his friend.

From the identity of the mysterious man to her own identity, he will uncover all the mysteries for Elle. On the other hand, the investigation of Bannister’s murder will continue. Officer Alani has already revoked the case. It is most likely that the case will now be transferred to a senior officer. This will complicate the case for Elle and her team.

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Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 3

Previous Episode Recap!

In the second episode of Blade Runner Black Lotus, Elle and Doc showed the data device to Joseph. As he decrypted the codes, the television began airing the meeting between Senator Bannister and Niander Wallace. Elle recognized the Senator to be the man who chased her in the desert. As a result, she immediately got out and took the cab to get to this man. She managed to breach the security and corner him on the balcony. But a fight began, and Elle was left with no choice but to throw the Bannister off the building.

Bannister’s murder sparked a buzz in the city. All the VIPs were immediately sent to security. When Officer Alani arrived at the crime scene, she spotted Elle. However, when she saw her tattoo, she dropped the case from her portfolio. However, one police officer did locate Elle and began chasing her. By the end of the chapter, Elle was pointing a gun at Joseph. He shot her as soon as she tried to walk closer.

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Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 3

Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 3: Release Date

As Elle struggles to deal with her identity crisis, the story gets more and more complicated. How will Elle overcome this dilemma? The next outing will have all the answers for the fans. So, Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 3 is scheduled to release this Sunday on November 21, 2021. The episode will be available on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. Thus, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the latest updates.

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