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Blade Runner Black Lotus Review [Spoiler-Free] | The Anime Daily

The hunt for the lost identity is a trope that is best described as thrilling. But the story of an agent with lost memories is a tale that has been told twice, thrice, and multiple times. So, what keeps Blade Runner Black Lotus Anime out of the league? The much-hyped original CG anime series recently came out on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. As episodes unroll, the initial responses from the fans also come out. So, is the new series by Solo Digital Arts worth your time? Here is a spoiler-free review of the new series.

Blade Runner Black Lotus: The Legacy

Blade Runner Black Lotus is not an individual story of its own. The anime is backed by a huge banner franchise. Thus, it was not only a duty to tell a dependable tale but also the major risk from the makers’ side. Since 1982, the original series has garnered audiences of all ages. From the classic cinema lovers to the young otakus, Black Lotus had a huge plethora of onlookers this time. For reference, the Studio Solo Digital Arts series is set between the timeline of the original Blade Runner Movie and the Blade Runner 2049 film.

The story is set in 2032 Los Angeles, where Elle is the protagonist. The originals have been twisted to some extent in the spin-off. While the world remains the same, the protagonists and the character designs have changed largely. So, from plot to pacing to the conclusion, we have covered all aspects of this new franchise. Keep reading ahead to find if this series is worth your subscription money.

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Blade Runner Black Lotus

Animation & Visual

This time, Solo Digital Arts, on the demand of Adult Swim, went for CG animation for this new project. Even though this form is animation is still visual new, Blade Runner Black Lotus does not feel out of order. The animation team has been able to retain the aura of the original two films. On top of that, the framings and themes of the anime are also commendable. The visuals stand out mostly in action sequences.

The scenes, including Elle’s golden Katana, truly bring out the work of the animation team. Thus, visuals are not the department that fans need to ponder upon.

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Plot & Pacing

The pacing of Blade Runner Black Lotus does not disappoint either. While some cliffhangers and revelations lost the shock value, others truly stood to the theme of the series. Black Lotus acts as a bridge between two movies, one of which is a classic. It tells the story of Elle, who is an agent in the present. But the horrors of her past keep coming back. As a result of this, she commences a parallel mission to find her true identity.

Jessica Henwick and the rest of the cast have been sincere in their roles. All characters look and feel to be of the same world. Moreover, directors Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki have taken the franchise one level up by executing the CG animation in the best form possible.

Blade Runner Black Lotus

In conclusion, Blade Runner Black Lotus has a lot in store for the fans. From story to performances to visuals, it is a good show. However, fans may find the X-factor to be missing from the series. Overall, it is a show worth your time, but it fails to overtake the best of cinema out there.

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