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The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 7: Lugh’s Heart-Change! Release Date

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 7 is underway, and the fans are eager for the next set of events. In the story so far, Tarte and Lugh just went through the darkest phase of their journey. A one-night stay at an orphanage proved to be a life-changing experience for them. This is because they witnessed real human suffering for the first time in their lives. So, how will this experience change these cold-blooded assassins? Here is all you need to know about the upcoming episode.

In the forthcoming episode of The World’s Finest Assassin, fans can expect to see some exciting new changes. Tarte and Lugh are no longer the robot killers. The recent incident has struck some emotions within them. As a result, they will try to turn the deck of their mission to a different path. It will be interesting to see what this path will be.

The World's Finest Assassin Episode 7

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 7: Plot Details

The upcoming episode of World’s Finest Assassin Episode 7 is titled “Life of Falsehoods.” The title is suggestive of the aftermath of the Orphanage Raid. In the last outing, both Tarte and Lugh went through a grave mission. As they rescued the girls from the prostitution circuit, they saw the harsh realities of the world for the first time. This will probably spark a change of heart in both of them.

Especially for Lugh, this incident will leave a deep mark on his ideals. Being born and brought up in a well-off family, he was given all the possible luxuries and services. Thus, this was the first time that he encountered suffering for the first time. In The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 7, Tarte and Lugh will discuss the purpose of their true powers. The Goddess gave them powers to serve her personal interests. However, the two fighters might want to lead the other way.

The World's Finest Assassin Episode 7

Previous Episode Recap!

The sixth episode of World’s Finest Assassin was titled “Residence for Girls.” The episode began at an orphanage where Lugh and Tarte visited to stay for some time. However, they found that the owner of the shelter abused the girls of that place. When the two of them investigated, they found that the girls of the place were forcefully made to enter a prostitution ring.

In the place, Lugh and Tarte came across Illig Balor. Illig revealed her real name to be Maha. She uncovered all the secrets of the place to the two assassins. Lugh decided to buy Maha and set her free. However, the director wanted to spend a night with her. This called for a fight between Lugh and the director. Lugh won and exposed the dirty crimes of the man. By the end of the episode, all the girls of the shelter were moved to a safehouse.

The World's Finest Assassin Episode 7

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 7: Release Date

After the incident at the orphanage, Lugh and Tarte are moved to their core. They might likely begin questioning their stance as assassins. So, The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 7 is scheduled to release this Wednesday on November 17, 2021. Fans will find all the episodes of the anime series only on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the updates.

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