Bloom Into You (Yagate Kimi Ni Naru) Anime Review

Bloom Into You, the anime which consists of 13 episodes, is an adaptation of the Japanese Yuri manga of the same name. We rarely get to see same-sex love stories in Japanese anime or manga. However, Yaoi (boy’s love genre) is quite popular, and we already saw too many animes on that genre. But Yuri (Girl’s love genre) is quite rare. And Bloom Into You is a beautiful, sensitive, and reflective anime series that aired from October to December in 2018.

It’s a kind romance tail as our lead characters struggle a lot with their own feelings. Possibly, though, her aromantic emotions are not what she is striving with. Instead, there are signs throughout the entire series. She may rather be grappling with the disconnect between her understanding of what love is and seems like and what the truth of what love is for her.

Yuu and Touko both struggle with their individual perception they have for each other in several ways. Touko is hopelessly attempting to live up to someone’s incredible image, and Yuu is the only one that she has let in near enough to see that. Eventually, Touko confesses her love for Yuu, and she also made clear not to return her feelings by saying this “Yuu… Don’t fall in love with me, okay? Because, you know, I hate myself, and I can’t be in love with someone who likes the things I hate, right?”

Overall Bloom Into You Review, the anime is good, the animation is great. There are some serious elements with a great blend of teenage anxiety. The presentation and story are also good. And the portrayal of a female couple was a fresh change for the audience. However, the creators decided to end the anime series only after its initial season. Even though the creators have a lot of source material left for future installments, and that isn’t very pleasant.

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