Hand Shakers Anime Review – Should You Watch (Handosheikā)?

Hand Shakers is a Japanese action-anime TV series. The series consisted of 13 episodes premiered in 2017. When it first debuted, the viewers dived on it for its terrible visual style, and for a valid reason. It’s surely one of the worst-looking animes you’ve ever seen.

If you hold out the hope that this tale is for the visions of the Hand Shakers, I’m sorry to say it’s not solely the case. At least the first is unusual: the lead, a young boy Tazuna, touches the hand of a strange girl lying in a hospital bed, unknowingly making a bond between them and accompanying them to a magical plane called Ziggurat. The duo gains magical strength by holding hands and thus are called Hand Shakers, close enough. When they arrive in Ziggurat, they must gather magical weaponry and battle against rival pairs of Hand Shakers to get the chance to meet God and be given one wish.

If the anime were the Death of a Poor Man, I would almost have allowed it, but I have never met its worst. Tazuna’s partner, Koyori, has been in an unconsciousness for a major part of his life and is not only wholly deaf but almost entirely unable to perform in public. Moreover, he will diminish if they stop holding hands! Many anime shows come up with ridiculous excuses to give their male characters mysterious virgins who can’t help themselves.

Overall Review

Overall some characters of the anime are great, but the story is not that good. Only a few people were able to enjoy this anime, and most of them find it boring. Since the Hand Shakers, Tazuna and Koyori can’t lose or else they’ll die. You can watch it for an episode or two, but beyond that, you will only waste your time. So watch it at your own risk.

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