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Boruto Chapter 63: Code Vs. Boruto! Release Date & Plot Details

Boruto Chapter 63 will finally feature the most-awaited battle Boruto and Code. The current leader of the Kara organization is here to take Kawaki with him. However, Boruto does not have any intention to let it happen. As a result, Boruto will square off against Code. He is only trying to hold him back for a while so that Naruto or Sasuke can locate them. But, on the other hand, Code is way too powerful for Boruto and Kawaki to handle.

As a result, Kawaki willing agrees to go along with Code. However, the situation is not that simple here. The next chapter of the manga series will reveal a lot of things and also begins the battle between Code and Boruto. The great thing is that the fans will get to see Borushiki again, and Boruto will be the one in control this time. So, when will the new chapter of this new-gen manga come out? Here are all the latest details. 

Boruto Chapter 63: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter will begin with Code making contact with Ada again. The latter is kind of annoyed by the fact that Code went rogue and didn’t listen to her. On the other hand, Code wants to check the quality of the sacrifice, so he decides to play with Boruto for a bit. However, Kawaki will tell him that he is willing to go and see Ada with him so that he spares the life of Naruto and Boruto. The latter disagrees with him as he certainly doesn’t want Kawaki to go with Code. 

Boruto Chapter 63 will feature Boruto punching Kawaki for complicating their situation. He declares this time, he will be the one who protects Kawaki. As a result, Boruto activates his karma to fight against the white-karma-activated Code. Boruto tries several attacks on Code. However, none of them are of no use as Code is way too powerful. Code continuously kicks Boruto around and tells him to use his karma properly.

Boruto decides to unleash the powers of his karma completely and gets surrounded by a fiery chakra. Boruto transforms into Borushiki. However, this time he doesn’t have a horn, and his other eye is still open. Code gets a feeling of satisfaction after seeing the power of Momoshiki.

Previous Chapter Recap

In the 62nd chapter of the manga, Boruto found out that Kawaki was not around. Meanwhile, Code got a message that Kawaki was making a move. As a result, he also went out to meet him. Ada directed Code towards Kkawaki. Meanwhile, Boruto told Naruto that Kawaki was missing. However, it wasn’t convincing enough for Naruto.

Soon, Naruto realized that Kawaki used a decoy, and hence he asked Nishi to use a wide range of chakra in order to send a message. At the forest, Kawaki sensed the presence of Code and decided to launch a surprise attack. However, he missed the target. On the other hand, Code was glad to see that Kawaki had gained weight. 

Boruto Chapter 63
Viz Media

Boruto Chapter 63: Release Date

The monthly manga series will continue to follow its schedule and release on the 20th, just like every single month. Its fans are very excited to see a clash between Borushiki and Code in the upcoming chapter of the manga. Boruto Chapter 63 is all set to release on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. It will be available to read for free on the official website of Viz Media. 

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