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Bright Samurai Soul: Shang-Chi Joins The Cast As Izo! Release Date Out

Only a day before, the popular content platform, Netflix has announced its own Anime Creator’s Lounge. Now, the streamer has dropped newer updates about the Bright Samurai Soul anime film. Three years after the initial announcement, the project is finally taking shape. Moreover, the movie also has a release window for this Fall. So, when is the movie coming out? Will there be a delay? Here is all you need to know about the new venture.

Back in June 2021, Netflix announced that the Bright Samurai Soul anime movie was under construction. The Geeked Week event also stamped the anime remake of Will Smith’s fantasy series official. Now, there is also buzz around its connection with Shang-chi. Let’s find out all about the upcoming movie.

Bright Samurai Soul

Bright Samurai Soul: Plot & New Trailer!

The anime spin-off of Will Smith’s original Bright film will follow the story of a magical world. Much like the original movie, the world introduces the fans to magical creatures like ogres, elves, and talking animals. Izo and Raiden are two weary cops who work in the most boring sector of the town. Most of the story revolves around their hatred for one another. However, both of them believe that the world should be a peaceful place regardless of the various races that reside together.

Their ordinary lives will soon turn upside down when a toddler elf comes to their aid. In the middle of the night, the baby comes to them and reveals that she is being chased by demons who are looking for her wand. Thus, Izo and Raiden decide to take the little elf to her home in the northern lands. The new trailer of Bright Samurai Soul showcases some of the best war sequences of the plot. It also displayed some heart-rending moments between the elf and Raiden. So far, fans love the animation style and visuals of the film.

Cast & Crew Updates!

One of the biggest takeaways of the new trailer was the casting revelation of Sima Lu in the movie. The face of Marvel’s Shang-chi has been cast in the role of Izo. Along with him, Fred Mancuso will be playing the role of Raiden the ronin. Lastly, Yuzu Harada will be playing the role of Sonya the elf in the movie. Along with the English cast, the update also revealed the Japanese cast of the movie. This includes, Yuuki Nomura as Izo, Daisuke Hirakawa as Raiden and Shion Wakayama as Sonya.

The staff members of the Netflix movie included renowned names such as Children of the Whales fame filmmaker Kyōhei Ishiguro, who will be directing the movie. Along with him, Michiko Yokote will be handling the scriptwriting department. Lastly, Atsushi Yamagata will be working on the character designs of Bright Samurai Soul. This able team is working at Studio Arect to build a compelling story.

Bright Samurai Soul

Bright Samurai Soul: Release Date

Netflix has officially stamped the Fall 2021 release of Bright Samurai Soul. Moreover, the spin-off movie has a new trailer that gives fans new and exciting updates. So, the new Bright anime film will premiere on Netflix on October 12, 2021. The platform has not clarified the territories where the movie will be streamed. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the latest updates about the highly-anticipated film.