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Dragon Ball Super Preview Hints The 2nd Round Of Vegeta Vs. Granola

Dragon Ball Super is in the midst of the most crucial point in Granola the Survivor Arc. So far, the battles have not turned out the way fans expected them to. Vegeta and Goku seemed awfully weak ahead of Granola. The Cerealian has not only weakened Goku, but he has done it while he was in his Ultra Instinct State. The same seems to be the case with Vegeta now. In theory, the Ultra Ego State is God’s power. However, the new preview suggests otherwise. So, why did Vegeta’s Ultra Ego State not work? Is this the end for the Saiyans? Here is all you need to know about it.

The new preview images of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 have surfaced over the internet, and fans cannot stop talking about the big revelation. After getting badly beaten up by Granola, Goku is back on the battlefield. However, he is still not strong enough to join the battle. Thus, he will only help Vegeta from the sidelines. The second round of Vegeta Vs. Granola will begin in the next chapter. Let’s see who aces the mark this time.

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Dragon Ball Super: New Preview Out!

The preview of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 has many insights for the fans. The rough edits by Akira Toriyama give an update of the fight between Granola and Vegeta. One of the most significant takeaways from the new raw scans was the arrival of Goku. This implied that the Saiyan had healed his wounds and come back to aid Vegeta. However, it can be seen that Goku is standing far away from the actual fight scene. This means that he still might not be in the state to join the fight.

Another thing to be noticed in the preview images is that Vegeta was no longer in his Ultra Ego form. The Saiyan got weary of the powerful form and turned back to his base state. Both the warriors have simultaneously used their highest forms against Granola. But none has been able to put even a scratch over Granola. Even though Vegeta was dominating the Cerealian in the previous chapter, it was noticed that his Ultra Ego form was not feasible. Moreover, Vegeta has barely worked with the form in the past.

Later on. when Vegeta was about to enter the second round of his battle with Granola, Goku advised him to use his strength wisely. Moreover, he gave a supposed warning to his friend by saying, “Don’t die, Vegeta”. The three-word statement is powerful in itself as it declares how grave the situation has become. The stakes are as high as losing one of the strongest defenders of Earth.

Will Granola Step Down?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 will continue the battle between Granola and Vegeta. So far, it has become clear that the Saiyans cannot defeat Granola on their own. They have used up their best forms to match the powers of Granola. Even though the Cerealian has gained his powers with the help of a dragon, his powers still match the compatibility of his body. This is not the case with Goku and Vegeta. Neither of the heroes has used the Ultra Instinct or the Ultra Ego State in the past. Thus, exhaustion was an expected outcome in the battle.

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Now, there are only two ways Granola can be defeated. The first would be if Vegeta and Goku managing to convince him that Saiyans did not destroy his home planet. Then, he would spare them and search for Freeza instead. The other option would be forming a fusion state. A combination of the Ultra Instinct or the Ultra Ego State might stand a chance against Granola. Keep an eye on this corner for more updates on Dragon Ball Super.